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  • Jonno White

LEGACY... What Will Yours Be?

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

I was a young guy trying to make a difference in people's lives by leading with passion.

I wanted to be able to leave a legacy by becoming one of those big personality leaders that capture your attention whenever they're in the room.

The thing is I was struggling with some people I was leading. That meant I wasn't having an impact on the people in my team like I wanted to.

To make things worse, I felt terrible because I felt like I was just banging my head against a wall trying to be this big personality leader.

I felt like a failure because of all the people issues I was experiencing in my team.

The problem was that after a couple of years of this I was sick of the frustration but I'd tried everything I knew to do and had run out of ideas.

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened...

That's when I had a coaching session with my leader who asked me a life-changing question,

"Are you sure you're the people person you think you are?"

I had no answer.

I'd simply never considered that possibility.

It didn't sink in straight away (I hate to admit!). But as I sat on that question over time, I learned you DON'T become the leader you're meant to be by trying to be someone else.

You need to embrace who you are and lead from that place.

My plan was to let go of the big personality dream and try to work out who I really was.

So I started getting comfortable being a gentle, calm and softly spoken leader.

I would present gently from the stage and just be myself with my team.

But there was still a problem...

Some people still expected me to try to be the 'big personality' and didn't... get it.