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  • Jonno White

200 Best Melanin Quotes To Make You Feel Beautiful (Tumblr)

1. “Melanin is the most ancient and worldwide pigment in living organisms. The very thing that colors the bark on trees brown and the soil of the earth. It dwells in your very essence.” – Unknown

2. “Squids, cephalopods in general, when they squirt out ink, the ink they squirt out is made up mostly of melanin. Organisms of other species have also used melanin as a protective and defensive means.” – Dr. Raven Baxter

3. “…Beauty shouldn’t be defined by whether you wear the Deepest Deep Foundation (like me!) or the Translucent one. It’s all about confidence in your own skin and in your beauty. It’s corny, but it’s true.”

4. "Melanin exerts a protective effect on skin and underlying tissues.” -Kevin Tokeph

5. "The evolutionary advantage of melanin is to protect us from the ultraviolet rays, especially in regions which the planet is most exposed to the sun like Central America, Africa, and the Middle East. That is why these people possess more melanin.” -Kevin Tokeph

6. "Team Light Skin? No. Team Dark Skin? No. Team Brown Skin? No. TEAM MELANIN… Black Women and Black Girls are Exquisite Beauty in EVERY Shade.”

7. "Historically it had always been thought that melanin played a significant role in the intellectual propensity of African people.” -Dr. Umar Johnson

8. "The body is actually a communication system, and it works through light. So it’s like a supercomputer, in fact, there is somebody who is studying whether energy is directly absorbed from the melanin in your skin and transformed into energy in your body. It’s thought to be some people, to be a master molecule that actually steers how the body communicates.” -Dr. Karl Merat

9. "One day our descendants will think it incredible that we paid so much attention to things like the amount of melanin in our skin or the shape of our eyes or our gender instead of the unique identities of each of us as complex human beings.

10. "Stop comparing skin tones. Who cares if your skin is lighter or darker than the person standing next to you? Change can only happen once you can truthfully look in the mirror and love that Deep Chocolate, Cinnamon, Mocha, or Caramel complexion.” –Alicia D. Love

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