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  • Jonno White

800 Happy National Sons Day Quotes And Wishes (2023)

1. You’ve always been the best son anyone could ask for, and I’m so grateful to have you in my life. Wishing you all the happiness in the world on your big day. Happy Birthday!

2. “Sons love mothers, mothers love their sons?” ― Dave Appleby

3. “I am a single mom and I’m the breadwinner and I have to work and I have to do these things and that’s just the way it is. I don’t think my son even knows any different.” — Charisma Carpenter

4. I am proud to be your son. Knowing that your blood flows through my veins gives me the courage to face life bravely not just like the son of a king but of a warrior. Happy birthday, dad.

5. You are handsome and you sparkle like the sun, dear son. Happy 14th birthday celebration, my boy.

6. “Being a mother to a little boy and helping him discover the world is one of the greatest experiences in a woman’s life, which makes objective goals dull in comparison. The connection between a mother and her son opens the gate to a new world of wonder and love.”

7. A son is the best thing that happened to me because he filled my life with love & happiness… Happy birthday dear son.

8. Sentimental mothers will want to use this birthday message for their son on his special day.

9. “It makes me so proud knowing that you are my son.” – Unknown

10. “Abracadabra! Alakazam! I can’t believe how lucky I am. I have the most magical son in every way. So, I want to wish you a happy birthday. Poof!”

11. “I didn’t want my son to see the same things I had seen growing up or have to go through the same things I went through. ” – Polo G

12. “On this date 16 years ago, you came into my life. Becoming a mother to such a beautiful son touched me in a way that nothing else in life can. Happy birthday, son!”

13. A mom can use this birthday message to her son to let him know that age is just a number and he will always be young at heart.

14. “When times are tough, all it takes are thoughts of you to pull me through. Your hugs and kisses nourish my soul, and I’m so grateful that I have a son as precious as you. Happy birthday, darling!”

15. This birthday message is for mothers who want their son to know how loved he is on his birthday.

16. You have excelled far beyond measure. I’m in total awe of how gracious God has been to you. Happy 14th birthday, son.

17. “A son needs his father at every situation he faces in present, and a father needs his son at every situation he faces for his son in past.” – Nishan Panwar

18. Moms who want to show their son how much they love him can use this birthday message.

19. I have a grown man in my house? Wow, this is wonderful. Happy 14th birthday, son. Thank you for being the reason I smile every day.

20. “Clever father, clever daughter; clever mother, clever son.” – Russian Proverb

21. I have always been clear about everything I tell you regarding life and success. Keep being intentional with your progress and the sky will be your starting point, son. Happy 14th birthday.</