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  • Jonno White

750 Best Pain Quotes: Hope For Calm (2023)

1. “Addiction doesn’t hurt you nearly as much as it hurts the ones who love you because you numb your pain, they don’t.” ― Toni Sorenson

2. I can’t even begin to grasp the pain you’re going through right now, and I wouldn’t want to offend you by saying I understand. But I wanted to let you know that I’m thinking about you, and my heart breaks for you.

3. “One can find so many pains when the rain is falling.” — John Steinbeck

4. “In order to have great happiness, you have to have great pain and unhappiness — otherwise, how would you know when you’re happy?” ~ Leslie Caron

5. "It was never my intention to hurt you or cause you pain. Destiny conspired to drive this wedge between us and all I want is for this burden to be lifted. I’m sorry.”

6. “We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey.” – Kenji Miyazawa

7. One word frees us of all the weight and pain in life. That word is love! — Sophocles

8. If we are given happiness, it's easy to pass it on. If we are experiencing anger and pain, they are even easier to pass on. We transfer attitudes and emotions automatically, unless we make an active choice not to. Nate Dallas, Hacking Fatherhood

9. “I dream my painting and then I paint my dream.”

10. “In life there are going to be some things that make it hard to smile. Through all the rain and pain you got to keep your sense of humor and smile for me now. Remember that.”

11. “There is no end to the pain, you must be numb.” — XXXTENTACION

12. “People say that whatever happens, it happens for the best. But the painful memories of your death, I’ll never be able to put to rest. I miss you, dad.” —Unknown