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  • Jonno White

Secret Time Management Tip to Change Your Life

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Time management comes up as a problem all the time.

Unless you’re a hyper-organized person whose superpower is systems, it’s probably a challenge for you.

The secret tip I’ve given leaders around the world - and seen them experience massive results - is to stop trying to implement a new system and to stop trying to get organized.

It hasn’t worked for you yet, has it?

Instead of trying to create a new system or get organized, I want you to…

Get organized through a person.

What do I mean? All leadership is ultimately about getting things done through people.

Your time management and task management is no different!

Here‘s how to implement this secret tip:

  1. Think about who could help you with this? If you have a PA or EA it’s usually them. If not, consider hiring a virtual EA or think outside the box.

  2. Talk with them about creating a cadence of accountability through meetings with them.

  3. Create a cadence of accountability by meeting with them in a non-negotiable immovable regular meeting. I recommend a big meeting weekly and a check in daily.

  4. Use the 4 Disciplines of Execution accountability meeting agenda - what did I commit to last time? What have I done? What haven’t I done that I need to do? What else needs to be done? What will I commit to do before our next catch up?

  5. The person assisting you has the job of taking notes each meeting, reading last meetings’ notes when you catch up and doing their own tasks to help you between meetings (such as going through emails)

If you’re anything like me, to do lists, systems and getting organized has failed too many times!

Try the above tips by getting your task and time management done through a person and experience the incomparable high of feeling on top of everything, every day.

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