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115 Best surfing quotes that will inspire you to surf

Surfing is one of the most unique and wonderful sports – it’s just you, your board, and the open ocean. We love surfing because every day, every location, and every set of weather conditions create a unique experience. A lot of times, when we read some of the best surfing quotes by inspiring athletes and surfers, we feel motivated to get out there and hit the waves. We chose these surfing captions and quotes to help you get excited about your next surfing trip!

1. "Every day in the water is a reminder of why we love this sport so much!" – Unknown

2. "Let go of your worries and just let go into pure surfing bliss!" – Unknown

3. “A big wave isn't just about courage; it's about trust and faith in yourself – Gerry Lopez”

4. “Catch a wave and you're sittin' on top of the world.” - The Beach Boys

5. “Catch a wave and you’ll be sitting on top of the world.” - The Beach Boys

6. “Catch a wave and you’re sittin’ on top of the world!” – The Beach Boys

7. “Forget all your worries when you're out in the waves—the zen part of surfing will help clear your mind so that you can feel more connected to yourself!"– Unknown

8. “I look at surfing like discovering something new every time I go out there." – Jamie O’Brien

9. “I think the best surfer out there is the one having the most fun.” – Clay Marzo

10. “If you don’t go after your dreams, you won’t have any. So take a chance and don’t let fear of sharks or anything else stop you from surfing!” – Unknown

11. “If you want to catch the next wave in life, you have to paddle hard for it!” – Rob Machado

12. “Life is like the ocean; it can be calm or still, and rough or rigid, but in the end it is always beautiful." – Unknown

13. “Life may give us many highs and lows but surfing gives us only highs on waves!” - Rob Machado

14. “Patience factors heavily into successful surfing; being patient will help you seize each moment when it comes along!” – Unknown

15. “Ride the new waves and become part of different melodies!” - Kary Mullis

16. “Riding a wave is one of those rare moments when all seems right with the rest of the world – Kelly Slater”

17. “Surf and paddle out with intention, because every ride matters.” – Andy Irons

18. “Surf the waves and ride them like they’re meant to be ridden!” - Ziggy Marley

19. “Surf trips should be about having fun with friends, enjoying new cultures and making memories that will last a lifetime." – Unknown

20. “Surfing gives me an incredible sense of freedom and peace that nothing else does!” – Jamie O'Brien

21. “Surfing is a dance with the waves and requires some skill, a lot of balance and a little bit of extra foam.” – Buzzy Trent

22. “Surfing is a dance with the waves, and it's an expression of your relationship with the ocean.” – Bill Hamilton

23. “Surfing is a great exercise for body and soul.” - Paul Strauch

24. “Surfing is all about wave knowledge, knowing where to take off and how to ride the wave properly.” – Mark Foo

25. “Surfing is my passion, it’s an attitude of life, its dancing with nature, riding a wave and living in harmony with the natural world.” – Attitude Dancing

26. “Surfing is not just about riding waves, it's about communing with nature and understanding that we are all part of something much larger than ourselves." - Natural World

27. “Surfing is one of life's greatest joys, and when a free wave arrives – all worries are forgotten!” - Wilhelm Sverdvik

28. “Surfing is one of the most special things a person can do. It’s like taming a wild beast.” – Soul Surfer

29. “Surfing is the most blissful experience you can have on this planet, a taste of heaven.” – Paul Walker

30. “Surfing is the path to follow if you want to find your own way in life.” - Captain James Cook

31. “Surfing isn't a sport, it's a way of life.” – Bruce Jenkins

32. “Surfing isn't just about riding the wave, it's about learning how to be in harmony with nature.” – Nat Young

33. “Surfing isn’t just an activity; it’s an expression of freedom and joy – Bethany Hamilton”

34. “Surfing soothes me, it's always been a kind of Zen experience for me - The Beach Boys

35. “Surfing will bring joy into your life like nothing else can—it requires focus and concentration while letting go at the same time!” – Unknown

36. “Surfing will give you the most supreme pleasure that no other sport can offer!” - Unknown

37. “Surfing's not about tricks or style, but about feeling the energy of the ocean and connecting with it on your own terms." – Unknown

38. “The art of surfing has evolved over centuries – Duke Kahanamoku”

39. “The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun.” - Phil Edwards

40. “The best wave of your life will come after the deepest challenge.” - Unknown

41. “The feeling of catching a great wave is like tasting heaven on Earth!” – Bruce Jenkins

42. “The first thing I do when I get to the beach is check the waves, and then decide which board to use that day.” – Jamie O’Brien

43. “The first time I caught a wave and stood up on my surfboard, I was hooked for life!” – First Time

44. “The greatest reward from surfing isn't necessarily catching waves or competing; it's in learning from your own mistakes – Unknown”

45. “The higher you fly, the further you glide -Haruki Murakami

46. “The impact zone is where fear turns into excitement and courage!” - Unknown

47. “The most important things are not things at all, they are moments shared on the water with friends and family.” – Unknown

48. “The way of the surf is all about finding balance in life." —Unknown

49. “There is no greater thrill than surfing your own wave!” – Own Surfing

50. “To be able to read waves and know how they will break requires tremendous urge to learn and practice." - Mark Foo

51. “To me, riding a wave is much like creating music – Laird Hamilton”

52. “Unpredictable weather patterns contribute to amazing surf conditions so don't forget to check forecasts too!”- Unknown

53. “When things are going bad, catch a wave and it will put everything into perspective – Unknown”

54. “Whenever I am feeling blue, I just go out and surf, it really helps to relax me.” – William Shatner

55. “You can never really master surfing but you can always try!” – Phil Edwards

56. “You don't have to be only person out there; share your stoke with others!” – Unknown

57. “You never know what life has in store for you until you get out there on the waves and find out for yourself!” – Unknown

58. A good surfer knows how to read the waves, but an even better surfer knows how to make them! – Kary Mullis

59. A man can be destroyed but not defeated. - Jack London

60. Big waves don't have to mean big risks, but they do require big commitment - Laird Hamilton

61. Every suggestion of wave riding is worth exploring very carefully - Gerry Lopez

62. Every wave presents an opportunity for adventure — don't miss out by being too cautious or hesitant!-Unknown

63. Exploring new oceans gives us new experiences to cherish forever."-Unknown

64. I'm the best surfer out there because I'm having the most fun - Bethany Hamilton

65. If there's one thing that brings us peace it's riding a perfect wave!—Unknown

66. If you're searching for that perfect wave, keep paddling until you find it. – Unknown

67. In surfing as in life, nothing is more rewarding than achieving your goals through hard work and dedication. – Unknown

68. Insurmountable obstacles can often become enjoyable challenges when tackled head-on with determination! - Unknown

69. It doesn't matter if you lose to the rest of the world as long as you're walking away with good surf stories - Unknown

70. It's more than just catching waves; it's about discovering yourself through the mental side of the sport that brings people back to surfing again and again. - Mental Side of The Sport

71. It's not just about catching waves but also enjoying every moment of being out there on the water! -Unknown

72. Let go and enjoy the ride as you explore new territories while surfing and discover yourself along the way!-Unknown

73. Let go of fear and let yourself ride through life on waves of passion– Laird Hamilton”

74. Life isn't worth living without taking risks — get out there and feel alive by conquering some waves today!'-Unknown

75. Live life like a surfer — plan ahead but always stay flexible so that you can take advantage of unexpected opportunities!-Unknown

76. No matter how hard it gets, surfing can be the most blissful experience - Kelly Slater

77. Nothing beats sharing an amazing wave with your best friends. —Unknown

78. Nothing compares to feeling alive in sync with mother nature as you ride a wave. -Mother Nature

79. Ride those waves with confidence no matter what shape or size they are and show them who's boss! - Unknown

80. Riding a big wave at the culmination of your life of surfing is truly one of the ultimate highs! - Unknown

81. Speed, power, flow: that's what surfing's all about. —Paul Strauch

82. Surfing is a way of life and Duke Kahanamoku was its ambassador

83. Surfing is an opportunity to experience something bigger than yourself. —Kary Mullis

84. Surfing is freedom—the freedom to go wherever we want, whenever we want. —Paul Strauch

85. Surfing is more than just riding waves—it's a way of life! - Own Way

86. Surfing is my natural extension of living and breathing. - Coral Cuts

87. Surfing is not just a sport but an entire lifestyle. – Unknown

88. Surfing is something you live for, not just a sport - Laird Hamilton

89. Surfing serious waves requires patience, strength, courage and skill. – Unknown

90. Surfing teaches us that no matter how strong you are, there will always be forces greater than yourself– Bethany Hamilton”

Surfing gives us strength and helps us discover our inner power– Duke Kahanamoku”

91. The absolute worst thing you can do when surfing is give up. -Absolute Worst Thing

92. The difference between good surfers and great surfers is commitment - Gerry Lopez

93. The middle of the Pacific Ocean offers some of the best waves in the world…if you can find them! – Unknown

94. The most important thing when surfing is living in the moment and savouring every second of it! - Unknown

95. The power of nature creates moments to behold when riding a massive wave.–Unknown

96. The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever - Jacques Cousteau

97. There is freedom in catching waves because no two rides will ever be the same which makes each experience unique! - Unknown

98. There is something magical about being able to ride an unpredictable wave; it teaches patience and humbleness. -Nat Young

99. There's always another wave to ride even on a bad day - Unknown

100. Tune into yourself when you paddle out; feel every movement of the ocean! —Unknown

101. Useless urges can lead to the most fun surfing experiences. -John Kabat-Zinn

102. When I'm out surfing, I feel connected with nature. —Ziggy Marley

103. When life gets tough, just ride the waves - Deck Accommodation

104. When you are in tune with the ocean, surfing gives you a rush that no other sport can provide - Unknown

105. “Surfing is the greatest thing - it's like music and dancing combined.” – Frosty Hesson

106. “Surfing is a physical exertion, but also a vital way of life.” – Unknown

107. “Riding a wave is a great feeling, the right way to succeed in life is to find your own wave.” – John McCarthy

108. “The ocean, the domain of an ocean cylinder, has always been my playground for joy and surfing.” – Unknown

109. “A little stick with fins can make your biggest dreams come true.” – Unknown

110. “No matter how many times you fall, remember that surfing is a part of your success story.” – Unknown

111. “Success isn't about never failing; it's about getting up one more time than you fall down - on a surfboard or in life!” – Unknown

112. “A surfer never stops learning - it's all part of the journey when you're out there on that big blue sea of joy!”– Unknown

113. “If you want to experience true freedom, then find yourself at sea on a surfboard; there are no boundaries!”– Unknown

114. “Don't be afraid to be different - if you want to do something, do it; even if it means hopping onto that surfboard or any other big challenge in life!”– Unknown

115. You may take on some big waves but the greatest reward comes from staying afloat and riding the crest!" - Unknown

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