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This ONE Habit Will Change Your Life

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Save more money. Eat less carbs. Run every morning.

No, this one habit isn't those things. It's something you may have never thought of!

So, what is it?

Get 10-30 minutes of outside sunlight every morning within an hour of waking up to get sunlight into your eyes.

Okay, stay with me for a second! I know it sounds random, but your circadian rhythm basically controls your sleep and energy through the day.

Circadian rhythm is affected by many things, but the greatest impact on your circadian rhythm according to Andrew Huberman from Stanford University is light.

You've heard about light in your eyes, blue light in particular, at night being bad for you. But Huberman argues more about the importance of light early in the day.

It sets your circadian rhythm for the day and helps you to naturally feel tired when you want to get to sleep that evening.

And a good night's sleep and feeling energetic through the day is a literal gamechanger.

This one habit is also the key to unlocking and fighting jet lag when you have a packed travel calendar for work.

Here's a YouTube video where Andrew Huberman unpacks this concept for you.

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