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  • Jonno White

900 Best Tulip Quotes: Flower Instagram Captions (2023)

1. Enjoying life one tulip at a time.

2. “Like tulip-beds of different shape and dyes, bending beneath the invisible west-wind’s sighs.” — Thomas Moore

3. “If a purple tulip could talk she would say something calm, cool and wise, without the flash of a soothing balm.” – Amelia Brown

4. You are never to young for picking tulips.

5. Tulips that’ll make you smile. These are the tulips you’re looking for… 😜

6. “Tulips were a tray of jewels.” – E.M. Forste

7. Smashing tulips since 1015

8. Tulip-mania is sweeping the country. In fact, everyone’s going tulip crazy!

9. These tulips are A LOT to handle.

10. Tulips are back on the menu…☕😉

11. Spring your tulips and have a good laugh.

12. When April showers bring…new Tulips to the garden!

13. A tulip garden love affair.

14. Tulips are a painter’s palette of happiness.

15. Tulips are our favorite flowers! 😍♥️ We want to share them with you this Valentine’s Day. 😘❤

16. These beautiful 💐🌷 tulips have been spotted in the wild and we’re seeing them everywhere on our Instagram feed. Which is your favorite?

17. Don’t be a tulip. Be the first to blossom and shine among the fall flavors we all have come to love. 🍁

18. Swing by the flower shop and pick up a bouquet of tulips from some of our favorite tulip puns. Get your mind out of the gutter.

19. Tulips are a cool and casual way to say ‘have a nice day’ 👋

20. This is a perfect example of a caption you could use for a tulip garden

21. Tulips are more than just flowers, they’re a state of mind—a state of happy.

22. Spring is in the air. It’s that special time when sporty meets romantic. Show us how sporty-romantic you are with your #TulipLoves post

23. Tulips everywhere.

24. Spring is tulip-ing up all over the place.

25. “Flowers heal me. Tulips make me happy. I keep myself surrounded by them as soon as they start coming to the island from Canada, and after that when they come from the fields in La Connor, not far from where I live.” – Rebecca Wells

26. Spring is in the air—in the tulips, that is

27. Spring has sprung! Tulips are the perfect way to welcome warmer weather. Greet them with some tulip puns! 😍