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What is your greatest achievement?

Go on, think about it. What’s your greatest achievement so far?

It‘s an important question because it helps us look back and see what mattered most which helps us look forward and decide what to focus on.

Great leaders who leave legacies where dozens, hundreds and thousands of people feel like they changed their lives for the better, their greatest achievement is always about one thing.


It might sound obvious but it’s not.

The urgent AND the important in our world as leaders is usually task and project related.

People don’t have deadlines and we don’t have people lists, we have task lists.

But your greatest achievement simply won’t be a task!

It will be who you invested in.

So as you go and do the daily grind of leadership, pull yourself away from the tasks and projects, look back at your life and reflect on your greatest achievements.

Then get back to your day and no matter what you’re doing or where you’re doing it, find a way to make a difference in the people‘s lives around you.

Invest in them.

And one day I promise you’ll look back and see this investment as one of the greatest achievements of your life.

Not sure where to start or how to invest in your people and your team?

It’s usually necessary to start by dealing with any difficult people on your team.

Check out my book Step Up or Step Out: How to deal with difficult people, even if you hate conflict.

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