• Jonno White

When Will This Get Really Good?!

Leaders come into their new roles with massive passion.

I remember stepping into a role and just looking at everything and thinking, "I am going to make this so good and change so many things."

My personality sees everything that's wrong so I saw so so many areas of improvement.

I learned quickly though once I was in the leadership role that some of those things just weren't that important.

What was more important was investing in the people on my team and turning that 'working group' into a legit team.

The reason that's so important is if you invest in it over and over again you'll see exponential growth.

Training leaders to train leaders is like putting money in and watching compound interest over a few decades. The investment verse return is minimal at first but as your leaders spring up and start really owning their roles and filling their shoes you'll see more and more leaders spring up and the responsibility weight and burden on the few becomes carried by the many allowing the few to step up and carry even bigger responsibility to do more.

The secret for leaders is that you'll do less in one year than you expect and more in ten years than you can dream or imagine.

The key to getting there over ten years is to focus on the compound interest areas rather than the quick fixes.

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