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Why Leaders With Big Personalities Struggle

Have you heard the myth?

"You need to have a BIG personality to be a great leader."

It's not the case.

Do you have a small personality? You're introverted?

Here's the good news: you can be a great leader just as much as someone else with a massive personality.

However, the truth is people with big personalities have an advantage.

It's the charisma advantage. The advantage of naturally persuading people towards you.

So why isn't every great leader around the world one of these massive personalities?

The answer lies in one word.


I've interviewed more than 200 leaders on my podcast Leadership Conversations. One of the main themes that I've heard is how important consistency is.

People are watching you.

When you are leading they are watching you.

Like. A. Hawk.

And no matter how big your personality is, if you're inconsistent. If you say one thing but do another.

People will lose trust.

And you'll lose those people.

This is where people with big personalities often struggle in my opinion.

They wow everyone with their charisma but then fail to follow through with consistency.

I would argue consistency is therefore more important in leadership than how big your personality is.

Today, whether you dance into every room you enter or people don't even realize you're there most of the time, here's my challenge.

Be consistent.

Be the sort of leader people can trust to do exactly what they say they'll do.

Don't just talk the talk.

Walk the walk.

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