Leadership Conversation - Episode 209 with Walter Lamothe

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Name: Walter Lamothe

Current title : CEO/ President

Current organisation: Bentley & CO

With over 35 years of rich retail experience, Walter is a leader that translates strategic missions into defined outcomes and possesses a talent for consensus-building.

Founder of Full Range Strategy, he can take businesses to another level with his understanding of critical success factors for brand profitability, market-share capture and operational efficiency.

As a team builder, Walter is adept at transforming corporate cultures and rallying stakeholders at all levels around a shared vision and business strategy.

With an excellent knowledge of the Canadian real estate landscape and an outstanding supporting network to get the deals done, Walter has grown, transformed and created new businesses and business models in the retail world.

Whether it be traditional retail, e-commerce, marketing or wholesale, he crafted a methodology ensuring success that is oriented on growth, agility, strong leadership and clever planning skills.

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