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Leadership Conversation - Episode 212 with Ranghan Venkatraman

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Name: Ranghan Venkatraman

Current title: Chief Executive Officer

Current organisation: Rezilyens LLC

Evidence of Success: Master-minded technology and business strategy, vision, and execution for an eclectic group of high-growth and valuable privately held technology companies.

Press Coverage/Awards: Cover page article in ‘Banking CIO December 2018’ and awarded ‘Top 10 AI Solutions Provider

Board Chair: Relentless Holdings | Mckintir | GaadiZone | AutismZero
Founder, Group CEO, CTO, Chief Business Innovation Officer and Board Chairman seamlessly operating at the interplay between business, technology and operations with a strong history of success (25+ years) as a C-Suite Advisor, Visionary Entrepreneur, Big 4 management consultant and C-level executive at Fortune 500s building high-performing teams, overseeing M&A, scaling global operations and in creating high impact and consequential value in specifically addressing today’s core business challenges and releasing trapped value through –

Disruptive Technologies: Reinvented business models based on the impact of “combinatorial technologies” (individual innovations increasingly work together) and “Amazonification” of almost every industry.

Proliferating New Business Models: Re-positioned enterprises that were previously standalone into becoming “ecosystem enablers” in order to generate more economic value.

Empowered Consumers: Enabled ever-connected consumers through novel methods of consumer engagement to create, deliver and capture value.

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