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Leadership Conversation - Episode 216 with Kevin Collins

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Name: Kevin Collins

Current title: President

Current organisation: Diversified

Business trailblazer with a unique talent for identifying untapped opportunities and delivering ground breaking solutions. Throughout his career, Kevin has cultivated valuable relationships and executed plans to optimize organizational structure and company performance.

Recognized as a trusted advisor to senior leadership and staff, he identifies creative solutions to complex business problems, leveraging his expertise in business, people and supply chain management.
initiating global expansions, streamlining operations, and embracing emerging technologies.

As the president of the international business units at Diversified, Kevin spearheaded global business operations, producing $200M in annual revenue, and drove expansion of global client engagements by increasing contracts with dozens of enterprise clients, including Salesforce, Meta, Google, Microsoft, and Astra Zeneca.

Kevin has consistently proven that he can simultaneously provide expertise on integrating teams and technology while addressing emergent concerns and resolving the evolving needs of the client.

Earlier in his career as a chief operating officer and executive vice president for Diversified, Kevin recruited a world class team, established offices, created valued-added business solutions, and served as the point of contact for client communications. In addition, he cultivated relationships with vendors and clients and rejuvenated operations by executing successful sales & marketing tactics and process implementations, applying his agility and focus to deliver impressive strategies.

He is affiliated with AVIXA and the National Association of Broadcasters and served on the Diversified board for six years.

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