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Leadership Conversation - Episode 220 with Sherri Douville

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Name: Sherri Douville

Current title: CEO & Board Member

Current organisation: Medigram, Inc.

CEO & Board Member at Medigram; honored to be recognized on top executive & U.S. CEO lists in several categories of tech and healthcare in 2022 by Startups.US as one of the highest ranked tech execs on Crunchbase #1 WW Medical & top private company executive. Serial editor, lead author, contributor to 3rd book defining advanced technology for medicine with top academic book publisher, Taylor & Francis.

Editor, lead author best selling book, Mobile Medicine, only book featured by both the largest physician leadership organization, American Association for Physician Leadership and the largest engineering technical organization, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, IEEE. Draft complete paper series (11) on security, trust in engineering, & leadership.

Words that people use to describe me include PRESCIENT, COLLABORATIVE, COACHABLE. As CEO I attract top talent and influence market behavior for momentum. I bring an industry-wide record of success in market leadership in sales results for medical products in over a dozen disease states over the span of a decade including with J&J and recognized by McGraw-Hill. I've mentored dozens of execs, startups, physicians, PhD's, professional associations, board directors, investors, and higher ed administrators in mobile computing & security, data science/AI, healthcare policy, regulations and more.

We've set Medigram up for incredible growth that will not only maximize EBITDA and shareholder equity but create legendary careers and personal legacies.

ENTREPRENEURIAL, MULTI DISCIPLINARY CEO: My deep healthcare expertise and command of multiple domains spanning tech and policy combined with years of experience navigating the medical market guide me in my strategic leadership and focus. I am proud of my ability to 1) attract the best people in both management and engineering, make them better, both immediately and over time 2) my ability to develop strategies and execution plans for stakeholders' success 3) boost market visibility through persuasive communication, entrepreneurial passion; driving our team's market, culture, services, and technical thought leadership.

CREATING SILICON VALLEY 3.0 CULTURE: I've attracted top, world class experts to develop a radically new kind of company at Medigram. I love bringing out the best in people and holding us accountable to our values and mission. We will save 100's of thousands of lives while driving potential for incredible returns. In this role, I gratefully stand on the shoulders of giants while envisioning and executing a new perspective on leadership.

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