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Leadership Conversation- Episode 133 Andy Lopata

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Name: Andy Lopata

Current title: Speaker, Mentor, and Trainer

Current organisation: Professional Relationships Strategy

Strong professional relationships can help to break down silos within organisations, lead to more and higher quality new leads, uncover hard to find solutions and increase efficiency in a range of areas.

Unfortunately those relationships are often left to chance, leaving many failing to realise the potential their networks offer.

Organisations struggle with more competition than collaboration between departments while sales teams rely on their leaders to bring in referrals as they plod on with tired attempts to find new prospects, ignoring the opportunity to build networks of their own.

By knowing why you and your team are investing in relationships, it is possible to plan accordingly and get great, measurable results.

For twenty years I have worked with companies on how to build, nurture and benefit from professional relationships. Working across sectors, I have helped businesses in professional and financial services, healthcare, software, and more. I’ve even worked with chocolate manufacturers and fitness clubs, the perfect partnership!

I have worked in twenty-six countries worldwide, been quoted in the international press, including Forbes,, The Sunday Times, The Financial Times, and The Guardian in the UK and written five books on the topic.

I’m a Fellow and former Board Member of the Professional Speaking Association and a recipient of the PSAE (Award of Excellence). I’m also a Fellow of the Learning and Performance Institute and a Master of the Institute of Sales Management.

For my sins, I am a Charlton Athletic supporter and former editor of the award-winning fanzine 'Goodbye Horse' (I must have done something very bad in a previous life!). I also enjoy cooking, hiking, the theatre, and various failed attempts at sport!
My website is

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