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Leadership Conversation- Episode 86 with Dan Bentley

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Name: Dan Bentley

Current title: Co-Founder & Director

Current organisation: Impacto Consulting

I’ve previously worked in senior roles in large organisations with experience in leadership, strategy, innovation program management, client experience strategy and design, building capability and improving organisational culture. I also have Not For Profit board experience.

I speak regularly on innovation in the sector, as a co-host of the ‘innovate for impact podcast’, and have spoken for or contributed to ProBono Australia News, Third Sector News, the Change The World Conferences and The Centre For Cultural Diversity In Ageing. I’ve worked with organisations like UN Women Australia, RACV’s Community Foundation and the Victorian and New South Wales state governments.

In 2018 I co-founded Impacto Consulting. We are consultants who specialise in innovation for the social sector, and we are best known for our work with aged care and disability service providers. Our programs take the organisations we work with from being traditional and surviving to innovative and impactful. Setting up all the right conditions for innovation and bringing the voice of clients into decision making at all levels of the organisation.

We exist to equip organisations with the tools they need to solve the challenges the people they support face, and improve their client experience. We feel by bringing the voice of lived experience into decision making at all levels of organisations, we will create a healthier, more inclusive and fairer Australia for all.

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