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  • Jonno White

779 Best Fried Chicken Quotes And Instagram Captions (2023)

1. “The best comfort food will always be greens, cornbread, and fried chicken.” – Maya Angelou

2. “Mama was a natural cook. At harvest time, she would whip up a noontime dinner for the men in the field: fried chicken with milk gravy, ham, mashed potatoes, lima beans, field peas, corn, slaw, sliced tomatoes, fried apples, biscuits, and peach pie.” – Bobbie Ann Mason

3. Only a rank degenerate would drive 1,500 miles across Texas without eating a chicken fried steak. - Author: Larry McMurtry

4. When I'm out, maybe I'm looking at the fried chicken, but I know I need to order the grilled. But I'm still from the country. I love my fried food and my neck bones and all that, too. - Author: Adrian Peterson

5. “In order to have good fried chicken, you should wash and season the bird the morning you’re preparing it for dinner. Don’t wait and do it right before you start cooking. Throw it in the refrigerator, seasoned, that morning, and give it a chance to soak up all the salt and pepper and goodness.” – Paula Deen

6. [My favorite dish to cook] is fried chicken, and by the way I'm good at it, too. I make really good fried chicken. - Author: Condoleezza Rice

7. 23 Fried chicken is life

8. Even when I get the fried-chicken special of the day, I have to dig into it like it's filet mignon, - Author: Viola Davis

9. Eat fried chicken every day, as the angels go sailing by.

10. The Kentucky Fried Chicken corporation made a bobble head of me and sent it to my management. No card, nothing. - Author: Patton Oswalt

11. I don't know when the last time I had fried chicken was. Must've been years. As soon as I think about eating it, I think about the stomach ache I'd get. - Author: Michael Jai White

12. I'm a pop enigma. I live and breathe every element in life. I rock a bespoke suit and I go to Harold's for fried chicken. It's all these things at once, because, as a taste maker, I find the best of everything. - Author: Kanye West

13. Dinner was fried chicken, collard greens, and silence. - Author: Saundra Mitchell

14. “I’m from Georgia and grew up eating Chick-fil-A. I’m obsessed with all forms of fried chicken, like chicken briskets and chicken sandwiches.” – Kelly O’Hara

15. I grew up in Doraville, Georgia and I ate barbecued ribs and chicken fried steak, and all kinds of cheesy grits, you know, and I never even thought twice about it. - Author: Kathy Freston

16. I do all of the grocery shopping in my little family. I buy cheese, of many different kinds, sliced packaged meats and poultry, bagels, immense quantities of eggs, pre-made fried chicken. Milk. Bacon. It is insane how much dairy, deli and bakery stuff I buy. - Author: Ben Stein

17. Life was just a tire swing. Jambalaya' was the only song I could sing. Blackberry pickin', eatin' fried chicken, And I never knew a thing about pain. Life was just a tire swing. - Author: Jimmy Buffett

18. For Children: You will need to know the difference between Friday and a fried egg. It’s quite a simple difference, but an important one. Friday comes at the end of the week, whereas a fried egg comes out of a chicken. – Douglas Adams

19. Sometimes you feel like a chicken 🐓, and sometimes you don’t. But y’all…these wings are fried to perfection with a range of flavors like hickory-smoked, cajun, and more. Delish is an

20. One can never get enough of fried chicken

21. Sun’s out thighs out on this #nationalfriedchickenday 🍗😎.

22. “It’s hot tonight and half the neighborhood is drunk. the other half is dead. If I have any advice about writing poetry it’s – don’t. I’m going to send out for some fried chicken.” – Charles Bukowski

23. 4 Life is better with fried chicken