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7 Questions on Leadership





I am a highly experienced and motivated managing director with over 07 years of experience in the shipping and logistics industry. I have a proven track record of success in leading and growing businesses, and I am passionate about providing excellent customer service.
I am skilled in all aspects of the shipping process, from finding the best freight rates to managing customs clearance. I am also experienced in trading goods, and I have a strong understanding of the global market.
I am a strategic thinker with a proven ability to develop and implement successful business plans. I am also a strong leader with a proven ability to motivate and inspire my team.
I am confident that I have the skills and experience necessary to be a successful managing director of a shipping and trading company. I am eager to take on this challenge and help your company achieve its goals. ________________________________________
• Completed BBA & MBA in Finance & Banking from IIUC with proven good results.
• Areas of expertise, such as Shipping agency, NVOCC, Ship Brokering and Operation, Trading of precious metals, Petroleum, & any kind of goods from any country. To be a leader of the Shipping industry to lead the new era of the shipping business




Organisation: Carlcare service center

My name is Abass Afeez Olapuopo,I am from Ogun state base in Lagos state Nigerian,I am 34years old,fair in complexion,graduated of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic with my OND(Optimum National Diploma Certificate).My hobby is reading,listening to news and playing football.





Ami short CV : Eng. Ami Rotter Elazari, MBA LLM Founder Chairman & CEO Millennium Capital Group LLC. & Amitec Cyber inc.
Mr. Elazari has over 25 years of High-tech Energy & Cyber technology management experience. Inventor that holds twenty-nine world Patents.
During his Army officer service, he finished with excellence infantry Platoon & Tank Battalion Commanding officer training .and was a commanding teacher for three terms at the IDF Intelligence forces training base.
he served as Traffic Analysis section & branch leader & Base commander at 8200 participate as an Intelligence TA airborne team commander at the Entebbe Operation in 1976.
In his civilian jobs he served as a PV Division Manager for Chromogen Solar Systems. Ami founded amictic Information & Cyber Industries as well as Millennium Solar Photovoltaic Systems; and took it after 3 years to reverse merger IPO.
Mr. Elazari is a renowned expert in solar energy, and has registered many (29) International Patents in the solar field that exit his company Millennium to the NASDQ in 2003
Mr. Elazari was a partner and coordinator in over 11 European Commission projects world-wide; and evaluator for the seventh program of R&D in energy field and still serve as a consultant to the EC. R&D programs.
Mr. Elazari has completed his Executive MBA degree in Economics and Marketing. He is an accomplished Energy & Electronic engineer with expertise in, the specific sectors of energy Electronic and Cyber & computer science and studied LLM.
Long CV Profile:!search/profile/person?personId=57556613&targetid=profile links
[email protected]
web site
USA partner
World group Head or Energy Section
Specialties: photovoltaic world expert EPC Published more than 150 papers world lecturer advisor to IEC and Israel IEC & Ministry of Energy
Specialties: photovoltaic world expert EPC Published more than 150 papers world lecturer advisor to IEC and Israel IEC & Ministry of Energy

Aarish Shah

Name: Aarish Shah

Title: Founder

Organisation: EmergeONE

Founder of EmergeONE - Fractional CFOs for venture backed startups and scaleups and host of Nothing Ventured, a podcast exploring the people and stories that make up the venture ecosystem.

Abdulla Kaja

Name: Abdulla Kaja

Title: Stakeholder Engagement Manager

Organisation: Bechtel

Abdulla Kaja - A professional with over 15 years’ Community Engagement and Security Managerial experience in Construction Industry. Abdulla, has started working with the Construction Industry since June 2007, when he first joined Bechtel and its partner ENKA on the Albanian Motorway Project. Since then, Abdulla has been holding different job positions within the Bechtel-ENKA JV, starting from Administrative Assistant in 2007, to Security Lead and then to Security Manager in 2012. As of September 2013 Abdulla has joined Bechtel Corporation as Security Manager for the Motorway Projects, the Route 6 and Route 7, in Kosovo until when the projects ended on January 2021. Since then, Abdulla joint the Bechtel team on the FEED phase of the Skavica Hydropower construction Project in Albania as a Community and Stakeholder Engagement Manager.

The scope of the projects that Abdulla has participated have been mainly large scale and included supervising teams. He has proven to be capable of building partnerships with and provide information to a variety of stakeholders, proponents and organizations, including officials of regional and provincial governments; sectoral and community associations; citizens’ groups; and key private interest stakeholder groups. Furthermore, during his previous experiences, Abdulla has developed and maintained working relationships with internal and external stakeholders, industry representatives and other agencies to facilitate the on-going identification and resolution of respective concerns affecting controversial or sensitive issues.

He has integrated safety and security policies with business operations, as well as evaluated safety and security plans for effectiveness. While working on motorway projects Abdulla has liaised with Kosovo Security Force (KSF), NATO Forces (KFOR) for mine awareness and clearance of dangerous areas and have maintained liaison with local and government officials. Abdulla is graduated for Master of Business Administration at Epoka University in Albania in 2013 and for BTEC Level 5 Professional Diploma in Security Management at Perpetuity Academy, in UK in 2018. The nature of the degree courses, certificates, the past work positions has given him a considerable amount of knowledge and prepared for the positions Abdulla has been holding. They involved a great deal of independent research, requiring initiative, self-motivation and a wide range of skills.

Abdulla is a reliable, organized and diligent professional with excellent communication and personal motivation skills with proven ability to work collaboratively in a strong team concept environment and independently. On the day-to-day activities, Abdulla has demonstrated leadership and organizational abilities, by coaching and guiding tasks and responsibilities. Career Goal: Working towards professional development Hobbies: travel, read, sports, Volunteering and Community Involvement, hiking, photography etc.

Adedayo Oluwafemi

Name: Adedayo Oluwafemi

Title: Evangelsit

Organisation: The General Assembly Mission

Pastor, Evangelist, and Preacher of the gospel of the Kingdom of God and His Christ.

Agnis Stibe

Name: Agnis Stibe

Title: Hyper-Performance Advisor


4x TEDx speaker, MIT alumnus, and YouTube creator. World-renowned corporate leadership and scientific advisor at Offers an authentic science-driven STIBE method and practical tools for achieving hyper-performance with human artificial intelligence. Extraordinary Professor of Artificial Intelligence for Society 5.0 at University of Pretoria. Adjunct Professor of Transforming Business Systems at University of Oulu. Established research on Persuasive Cities at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Currently working with MIT Media Lab on the SoCity project.

The first decentralized prosocial platform empowers urban citizens to make their communities more liveable and cities hyper-performing. In this vision, business acceleration and societal wellbeing can be achieved through purpose-driven innovations that successfully blend technological advances with human nature. The STIBE method helps gain confidence and build resilience against everyday circumstances. It drives stressless hyper-performance at work and certainty in life.

Ahmad Manzoor

Name: Ahmad Manzoor

Title: Founder & CEO

Organisation: PBI / AnZ Tech

* 23+ years of experience in ICT Solutions Architecture & Pre-Sales Field
* Providing Trainings since last 14+ years Nationally & Internationally
* Provided 1000+ talks as public speaker Nationally & Internationally
* Achieved 150+ Certifications
* Corporate Trainer in multiple well known organizations
* Help companies to digitally transform according to their futuristic needs & prepare them for next 10 - 20 years
* Brand ambassador for multiple well known national & international brands & events

Alan Thomson

Name: Alan Thomson

Title: Founder and Director

Organisation: Reliance Leadership

Have founded 3 businesses in the last 25 years. Background in Project Management as a Civil Engineer working in the Building Construction Industry. Current business in Leadership Development and Investment

Alastair Dawson

Name: Alastair Dawson

Title: Principal

Organisation: Alastair Dawson Consulting

If ever there was an eclectic career pattern than Alastair Dawson's career journey followed that path. From an early start working in Student Unions building commercial value to an NFP, moving to Charityies and then onto Public affairs and community engagement in Local Government, Alastair learned quickly to be able to do more than his conventional university degree had taught him, simply by stepping up and taking risks in believing in his ability.
His career has almost exclusively been in executive leadership, across industries such as Water and Wastewater commercialisation, Chief Advocate and CEO of a Major Farming advocacy group, CEO of a number of Local Authorities in Australia, including Beaudesert Shire COuncil and then Rockhampton Regional COuncil (both at times requiring major reform), and then as a senior Deputy Vice Chancellor for a second tier university, leading its culture change program to become a "CAN DO' organisation and turnaround its declining customer base to become a powerhouse growth university with 26 campuses across Australia and overseas in countries such as Indonesia.
Following an early retirement Alastair decided the years invested in learning leadership and execution skills Alastair decided he needed to keep working to share what he had learned along the journey of his career and to help start up and smaller organisations to grow. He current spends time between non-executive Board duties to consulting with young companies and organisations in Australia on organsiational growth and performance.
And to add to that he has recently taken on a role as Australia Solutions and Sales director for the global Venues and Events Management Software platform 'Optimo Software', noting that busy people get things done.

Alicia Oriol

Name: Alicia Oriol

Title: Director, Field Marketing

Organisation: e2open

Alicia Oriol is a results-oriented Global Marketing Director with a passion for technology and over two decades of proven success in B2B and SaaS industries. Based in Europe, Alicia is a skilled team leader with extensive multinational experience.

She possesses excellent communication skills and speaks seven languages. Alicia has held key positions in renowned companies such as E2open, where she serves as Director of Field Marketing, and ToolsGroup, where she worked as the Global Marketing Director and Telecom Business Development Director. With a strong track record of achieving revenue growth and leading high-performing teams, Alicia's expertise lies in strategic marketing, supply chain management, and applying technologies to drive innovation.

Alicia is also an active thought leader, blogger, and coach, and she has a keen interest in artificial intelligence and disruptive technologies, as well as investments, particularly cryptocurrencies.

Alwyn Poole

Name: Alwyn Poole

Title: Lead

Organisation: Villa Education Trust

In education since 1991 at a teacher, faculty leader, 3 x school founder, 18 years as a Principal, researcher and policy advocate.

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