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Patrick Lencioni books

New to Patrick Lencioni? He's my favourite leadership author for a reason. Here's a brief summary of some Pat Lencioni books (I recommend reading them in this order).

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Start here. Of all Patrick Lencioni books, this one is his best known. In this book he unpacks five dysfunctions to look for in a team, and how to overcome them.

Death by Meeting

Pat Lencioni books are brilliant. But Death by Meeting may be the book with the most immediate impact. Leaders should get this book, read it, and implement one or all of the meetings as soon as possible.

The Advantage

This is the Pat Lencioni books is the one I use the most in consulting. It's a concise summary of most of Lencioni's frameworks for organisational health. The six questions of clarity in here are particularly helpful for clarifying the direction of an organisation.

The Ideal Team Player

The Ideal Team Player revolutionise the way I hire and manage people. It's a vital book for every leader but it's nonnegotiable for people in HR. Leaders, if you have a HR person on your team, buy this for them. Patrick Lencioni books are often focused on the executive leading the team or the executives on the team, but this book is universally helpful.

The Truth about Employee Engagement

Managing people isn't just a large, long-term organisational endeavour. It's a day by day task and it can be painfully monotonous. As mentioned above, Pat Lencioni books are often targeted at high-level executives. If you're managing anyone at any level, then you should get your hands on this book. It's revolutionised the way I manage.

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