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7 Questions on Leadership with Nicolo' Carcassona

Name: Nicolo' Carcassona

Title: Mr

Organisation: Nicolò Carcassona

After finishing high school I started working in the family business. My father is a commercial agent and reseller of pharmaceutical products and medical devices. Having always had a passion for financial markets and entrepreneurship, I started investing and trading with a small part of my salary, trying strategies and testing the most varied investment techniques trying to find a strategy that can bring a higher profit than the profit obtained with passive investment on an index. From an investment point of view, dollar cost averaging certainly represents a correct solution that can be used by everyone. Since in the end the asset will be obtained at an average price, thus protecting the buyer from excessive prices. But if you want to trade on the price differential then the matter is different a quantitative analysis must be done also taking into account the current monetary policies implemented by central banks which regulate the flow of money in the economy . While always taking into account that the financial markets are a random walk, I consider the presence of fractals within them a possible solution to the search for alternative strategies with the use, for example, of the confidence intervals, rescaled range analysis and with hydrology tools applied to the markets like hurst and reynolds number. These have been questions on my mind over the years. I hope these little reflections can help and intrigue those approaching the world of investments. From there my interest and passion for everything that is business and industry has grown more and more especially after studying Japanese keiretsu I was fascinated by their way of doing business in the most varied of sectors. Then last year I decided to put on paper everything I had learned over time both with regards to the financial markets and with regards to doing business and industry in the best way, naturally considering the notable changes that the world is experiencing in sociopolitical level. The driving force that drove me to do this is the desire to build a global diversified conglomerate capable of expanding in all the sectors that in my humble opinion have and will have the highest profit potential and the greatest strategic importance. Such as, for example, a multimetal smelting facility for the recycling of 3TG , steel and copper ,wastewater treatment with the production of gas from sludge or hydrothermal liquefaction for the production of biofuels or various projects in the hospitality sector and many others . In the meantime I had written three different projects in the form of business proposals in the field of internet and mobile technologies. So without any financing and only with part of my salary with the agreement that future profits would pay the remainder of the entire expected amount I started the creation of a mobile application in the online dating sector. I hope that God willing this idea can be a worldwide success and represent the first step towards the expansion and diversification of my entrepreneurial activity. For anyone who is interested and pleased, all my projects are public and are posted on my linkedin page. I also frequently write posts in my free time which I hope will be interesting for those who have a passion for entrepreneurship and industry or business in general.

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Jonno White

1. What have you found most challenging as a leader?

The hardest thing is finding the right people to work with. I am old fashioned for me a handshake is final if there is an agreement I honor that agreement and I am faithful to that agreement. I do everything from the heart, it's the only way I know and I'm convinced it's the only way to be successful. So I try to surround myself with people who work like this. Although any contract can be signed with any clause, the only real solution for any type of working relationship to be profitable and long-lasting is the choice of people with values ​​and who marry the cause.They have to understand that the success of the company is their success they have to understand that we are one. This is why in my business idea profit sharing with employees and customers through different marketing structures is the basis of a successful business. It's about involving and bringing people to your frequency to make them understand that that product or service was conceived and developed with love and always putting itself on the consumer's side. Quoting a phrase from the great sports agent of the famous film Jerry Maguire; “without love for others you can't sell a pin”.

2. How did you become a leader? Can you please briefly tell the story?

In the desire to bring my projects to life I have learned and continue to learn every day how to plan work clearly both for myself and for the people I work with. You have to try to be clear and concise in your presentation and then you proceed to take care of the details. Clarity is essential for people to do an excellent job. The idea is to structure the roadmap of a project or the functioning of a company by addressing one topic at a time with the ability to develop solutions starting from a single large concept. I learned the importance of using mental and conceptual maps both in presenting a project and in communicating with others in an exhaustive manner. You always have to respond to good old Ws . And obviously always be respectful and positive towards the people you work with. You need to be able to dictate the mood and the mood must always be positive and constructive.

3. How do you structure your work days from waking up to going to sleep?

I work in the morning and I always try to finish the work in the morning. In the evening I dedicate myself to sports and I train every day. Going into detail of I imagine then imagine and continue to imagine.Then for example I also try to study the supply chain of any product for which I am interested in creating a business. So I analyze the market, the main competitors, what I can do better or if I can introduce some innovative element not currently present on the market. I imagine how I would like to structure my business, I imagine new solutions or for example how to innovate any aspect of any field. Ultimately I imagine how I would like things to be. Then I wait and I thanks God for show me the way. If man only follows reason he will find thousands of different answers for every single question and everyone according to his own thoughts will try to assert his own so how do you find the solution? . The world is complex, intimidating and enormous in the face of man but God can fit the world into the palm of your hand. I believe that the hermetic teachings and the De docta ignorantia of Nicola Cusano are the correct answers. I want to answer with what I believe in with three sentences from two different incredible authors.

“The imagination is not a state: it is the human existence itself.”

― William Blake


“What is now proved was once only imagined.”

― William Blake

«[...] Truth has no degrees, neither more nor less, and consists of something indivisible. [...] Therefore the intellect, which is not the truth, never manages to understand it in such a precise way that it cannot understand it in a more precise way, ad infinitum; [...]»

(Nicola Cusano, De docta ignorantia, I, 2-10)

4. What's a recent leadership lesson you've learned for the first time or been reminded of?

The lesson I learned is that when launching a product on the market, after having defined all the development and design aspects, always start work from the creation of advertising, explanatory and marketing content. This way you will create your market even before the product comes out and you will be more effective in communicating with the people who work with you and in defining the roadmap. everything will be clearer and more exhaustive

5. What's one book that has had a profound impact on your leadership so far? Can you please briefly tell the story of how that book impacted your leadership?

I hope you all can read all Neville Goddard's books, they will change your life and your way of seeing things. I believe that the main goals for a man or woman are to aspire to be and behave like gentlemen or ladies and to be friendly people. I don't want to say anything else I hope you can read all the works of Neville Goddard.

6. If you could only give one piece of advice to a young leader, what would you say to them?

I would like to be able to give some of a purely human nature and some more practical ones for your entrepreneurial adventure considering that everything is obviously intertwined.

Behave like gentlemen or ladies and to be friendly people these are extraordinary results for a person.

Try to make every moment of your life an investment just as it works for money where you are looking for an excellent return, the same must be done with the thoughts you entertain during the day and in your feelings towards people which must be of a positive, constructive and loving nature. Then when in doubt, always follow the only true Golden rule to behave towards others as you would like others to behave towards you. And then when you go through difficulties always try to ignore the facts but go to the end the end will be your beginning and the realization of what you desire.Have the idea that there is always a way to relaunch a new agreement or a new offer. Nothing is final in this world.I really don't know a better way to experience life and his daily challenges.Regarding Practical advice for those who want to start any entrepreneurial activity the first its ask yourself am I creating something innovative, am I making improvements to a current product already on the market ,I’m improving the customer experience? These are the cornerstones for starting a business. Then study the market , the competitors and every details about the field where you are going to move. Then in my opinion always try to create a business that is centered on the customer's needs and build customer loyalty by making the customer love the brand. The customer must be able to identify with the values ​​and work of the company. You can't walk with a Ferrari on a road full of potholes, this means that the company must also worry about improving the lives of the people who are affected by its work This is why it is important to work in such a way that all the people who are directly or indirectly affected by the company's operations can benefit from it. Business can be done in a profitable way for everyone. Everyone must leave the table satisfied with the negotiation and the communities affected by the work must feel that the company's work improves their condition. Certainly always ensure a constant cash flow which represents the true lifeblood of every entrepreneurial activity.

7. What is one meaningful story that comes to mind from your time as a leader, so far?

I don't have a particular story, I can only tell you that the most important qualities for an entrepreneur or even for a person in his everyday life will always be faith and perseverance. You must persevere even if sometimes things seem insurmountable. These are the best advice I can give to future generations, hoping that these tips can give you a more comfortable and less tortuous road than the one I went through. This is also the meaning of life, we have no control over practically anything but we can tell those who pass after us where to direct the sails to have a nice tailwind.

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