• Jonno White

Hire Your Way To A Better Workplace Culture

In my opinion, the most important thing any leader can focus on is HR.

There is simply no variable that has the same effect on workplace culture like who you hire.

It's because the who in any company is where the rubber hits the road. One way to reflect on this is to think about what you celebrate.

When I ask leaders this question and get them to think about when they've been most visibly excited in front of employees, it's hilarious how often it's something budget related.

What we communicate in these moments is that cutting costs by a tiny amount is what's most important to us.

The truth is completely different. There are other things that are far more important to you, aren't there?

When you focus as much investment as possible on who you hire, you shift talk and 'nice ideas' about company vision, values and behaviours into the real world.

Go and review your hiring process and double down on ideas to find people who embody the vision, values and behaviours your organization is truly all about.

Not sure where to start? Unfortunately before looking at who you hire, many leaders need to start by looking at people in their existing teams.

Learn more about how to deal with difficult people in my book Step Up or Step Out.

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