• Jonno White

How are you leveraging your strengths?

Recently I've been challenged about how much I leverage my strengths.

I would hazard a guess that you could leverage your strengths more, too. Come on, tell me I'm wrong. How would you know?

Well, the litmus test is whether you're ever not in your strengths zone. I think the idea that you just have to be operating in areas of weakness is a myth.

One of the people I work with is a people person times a billion. It's how he generates energy and it's where he's undeniably at his best.

I was having a conversation with him about how he often ends up working by himself on deadlines and I challenged him on this very thing.

"The next time you're working on something by yourself, I want you to ask, 'Why am I by myself?'"

It sounds simple but pose the same question for you. What's one thing that's definitely not your strength? Being by yourself? Selling? Casting vision? Tasks? Admin? Finance?

The next time you're doing the, 'Well I just have to be in this area of weakness right now' I want you to ask yourself... 'Why?'.

Why do you have to do that in that way? Why not find another way to do it that leverages your strengths so you can be in your zone - or in your flow as it's often called - more often. And eventually maybe even be in that amazing space 100% of the time?

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