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The five qualities of a great leader

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

  1. Wellbeing - a great leader is a well being.

  2. Character - a great leader is humble, hungry and people smart.

  3. Clarity - a great leader can easily articulate, and communicates, lives out and celebrates, a clear vision, values, strategic plan and top priority right now.

  4. Team - a great leader builds teams with vulnerability and robust discussions where people are bought in and hold one another accountable. Their team has collective goals that everyone owns.

  5. Meetings - a great leader checks in daily with the people they lead, meets weekly or fortnightly to discuss tactics and takes their team offsite at least once a year to look at big picture.

There's one thing great leaders do exceptionally well: they deal well with difficult people.

Do you want to have difficult conversations more effectively?

Do you hate conflict and you lose sleep over the idea of having a massive conflict that blows up in everyone's faces? (Or maybe you've been through that nightmare before and you're still scarred to this day!)

Learn more about how to deal well with difficult people in my book Step Up or Step Out: How to deal with difficult people, even if you have conflict.

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