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The Insider’s Guide To Finding Great Talent

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

I’ve been there.

You NEED someone ASAP to solve a problem. Time is of the essence. Why? Because you are the one doing that task until you hire somebody.

I remember being in an interview with a potential employee and discussing with another person. We were DESPERATE to hire and we needed someone to hit the ground running yesterday.

We all sat down in the interview and I mostly sat silently and listened.

Red. Flags.

Something wasn’t right. He was a lovely person but as we dug deeper it became clear there were some big red flags.

”What motivates you?”



No joke. This actually happened. Now if he was going to work for a bank or business solely focused on bottom line (FYI mostly doesn’t exist, there’s nearly always a higher cause) then sure. But not at this place.

We finished the interview and he left.

Then we made that fatal mistake.

As we debriefed we prioritised URGENCY over the right fit. Bad mistake.

Unsurprisingly, six months later he finished up after costing the business more than he’d contributed.

Moral of the story: invest, invest and invest upfront to hire the RIGHT people.

Have you had an ‘Aha!’ moment RE hiring the right person?

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