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11 Walk away from relationship quotes for yourself respect

When it comes to relationships, sometimes it's necessary to walk away - even if it hurts. Why? Because respect is one of the most important ingredients in any successful relationship. If you don't have respect for yourself, it's impossible to have respect for your partner. And without respect, there can be no true love. So if you're in a situation where you don't feel respected, it's time to walk away - for your own sake. Here are some quotes about walking away from relationships that will resonate if you're feeling ready to make this tough but crucial decision.

Most relationships fail because people are more interested in their own needs than their partner's needs.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are prime examples of how different individual needs can cause a rift between two people. Sean Penn once said ‘Empty spaces don’t just fill up on their own – they need to be filled with unconditional love, respect, and the right amount of pain.’ This quote emphasizes how essential it is to not just put yourself first when in a relationship, but that you must also be mindful of your partner's needs. If a balance isn't maintained, relationships can suffer as seen by the political rivalry between President Donald Trump and Secretary Hillary Clinton. Roy T. Bennett wrote that ‘Life is a valley of incredible change and it’s this change which gives us the opportunity to walk away from relationships for ourselves out of respect for both parties involved’. Respecting your partner's needs, even when it means leaving the relationship behind, might be hard but is necessary if you want to properly honor them and satisfy yourself in the long run.

1. It's in your best interest to walk away from a toxic relationship.

It is always best to walk away from a toxic relationship. It's the best way to maintain your respect and best interest in the long run, something Cecil Day-Lewis once said: “Be wise enough to walk away from the negativity that robs you of your value”. Walking away is the first step of gaining our strength back and is often harder than it sounds, as we want to hold on to suitcases of pride rather than letting go. Most people cause themselves more trouble by not walking away sooner and a lot of heartache could have been avoided if only they took that step. In these cases, walking away is really the best and only way out.

2. The first step to gaining respect is learning to respect yourself.

The first step to gaining the respect of others is respecting yourself, and in low vibrational relationships, we often get stuck in the cycle of forgetting our self-worth. As Jeanette Winterson said, “The most painful thing is losing yourself in the process of loving someone too much, and forgetting that you are special too”. It might take many attempts at low vibrational relationships before realizing that the most courageous decision you can make is ending it - next time you should choose yourself instead. Deepak Chopra reinforces this idea when he said, “The most exciting gifts love gives us are opportunities for further growth”; gaining respect starts from learning to have self-respect.

3. Cecil Day-Lewis said, "The only way not to think about money is to have a great deal of it."

There is nothing more powerful than things that matter in our lives. Despite the money troubles we may be going through, Cecil Day-Lewis's quote reminds us of the absolute hardest thing that one can grapple with: making the best choice for ourselves, so that things will eventually lead to a brighter future. No matter how dark things seem as of now, it is paramount to remember that we are all precious child of God, and we deserve nothing less than the rest of our life is full of things we value.

4. If you're carrying around suitcases of pride, it's time to let them go.

Everyone has their own idea of the best decision to make, but walking away from a relationship can be one of the best decisions you can make for yourself and your respect. Showing signs of great strength is not easy, and famous figures such as Gautama Buddha, Ernest Hemmingway, Taylor Swift, and Joan Didion, remind us all that it’s okay to take time away from a relationship. Going through breakups is part of life and learning how to find yourself without depending on someone else is also an important lesson. We are warriors ourselves and if we're carrying around suitcases of pride it’s best to let them go!

5. Walking away from a relationship is often the best thing you can do for yourself - and your partner.

Walking away from a relationship is often seen as a sign of weakness or that something has gone wrong, rather than what it truly is: an act of strength and self-respect. As Shannon L. Alder once said, ‘The strongest women are those who love beyond all faults, cry behind closed doors, and fight battles that nobody knows about’ - and walking away from a toxic relationship is one of the greatest expressions of love you could ever give to someone else (and yourself). Similarly, David Kreger highlighted the importance of self-care over failed relationships when he says; ‘Rather than regretting pain involved in letting go, measure progress made by how much stronger you become each time you do’ - emphasizing that walking away can help cultivate positivity within oneself. Lastly, Charmaine J. Forde suggested; ‘When someone builds you up and then tears you down before your very eyes, it's time to move on’ - reminding us to always prioritize our own mental health despite any temptation we might have to remain. Walking away from relationships can be difficult but ultimately is one of the best things you can do to your respect yourself (and others).

6. It's okay to walk away from something that isn't good for you - even if it means leaving a relationship behind.

Knowing when to walk away from something can be one of the most courageous decisions you make, especially if it’s a relationship that isn’t good for you and your well-being. Reminding yourself of why those things matter can get you through most of the trouble. Thoughts such as “walking away don't mean I'm giving up, it just means I'm choosing to focus on my own happiness” or “the most respectful thing I can do for myself is to let go of low vibrational relationships” will fuel your strength and courage in making this decision that most likely has been lingering quietly in the back of your mind. Even though it may feel like a dark era right now, making this choice gives you the hope and opportunity to face a brighter future. The most rewarding thing is that what matters most is how you choose to shape the rest of your life going forward.

7. Don't stay in a situation out of fear or because you think you need to tough it out.

Ernest Hemingway recognized the strength of a real woman in his words: “no one should stay in a situation out of fear”. This same sentiment can be applied to relationships. If we are not respecting ourselves, who will? Self-respect and knowing when it’s time for change is the key to having a good relationship and leading a healthy life. As difficult as it is, sometimes the best parts of our lives happen after the hardest parts. No matter why you felt like you needed to tough it out before, remember that you are always deserving of good things – including a healthy relationship with yourself. So don't stay and don't settle, but instead walk away from any situation that falls short of what deserves - your own happiness and self-respect.

8. Sometimes, the best thing you can do for yourself is to respect your own needs and desires enough to walk away.

In his wise work Meditations, Marcus Aurelius said, “The only thing that you have control over is how you chose to respond and how you chose to live.” Respect is the only way a wise man can understand if it’s time to walk away from a relationship or not. Walking away doesn't mean you're weak; it takes strength and courage to recognize when something is beyond repair or no longer serves you in the best way possible. Mahatma Gandhi's claim that “real power lies in taking control of your intentions without extreme behavior”, encourages respect for yourself and the process of letting go - something many of us would consider our worst mistake, but in actuality, could be the best decision we ever make.

9. If you're not happy, don't be afraid to end things - even if it means being alone for a while.

When clint eastwood famously said “a man’s got to know his limitations”, he was advocating for us to remember our strength to end games when the situation no longer serves us. Similarly, marilyn monroe and maya angelou were known for inspiring us to remember what we deserve: a life full of respect and meaningful relationships. Knowing that it would take a big leap of courage, they repeatedly encouraged us to be brave enough to walk away when it's for our own well-being. Taking such a step could involve facing sad moments of being alone; however, if you're truly not happy - if the relationship isn't fulfilling your expectations or reflecting your authentic self - it might be best in the long run. That way, you can establish yourself in clarity and honesty so that you can direct your energy into finding the right rest of your life.

10. Remember that you deserve to be respected and treated well, no matter what others may say or think about you.

As motivational quotes from del Shannon, Sharon E. Rainey, José N. Harris, Dick Hirayama, Wendy John, and Brigitte Nicole remind us all too often, we must remember that it is we who control how others treat us — and not the other way around. No matter what circumstances you may be going through or what opinions those around you may have of you, it’s important to never forget that you deserve to be respected and treated with kindness. After all, the only opinion that truly matters is the one we have of ourselves. Walk away from any situation in which these values are not upheld and demand respect both for yourself and those around you: You never have to accept anything less.

11. The importance of self-love and self-care can never be overstated.

In the words of poet Helen Keller, “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” Take time to nurture your soul, explore your passions, embrace your values, and appreciate the things that make you unique. It is only through self-love and compassion that we can truly be our best selves. It's important to acknowledge the ways in which we are able to navigate personal challenges, and to practice resilience during difficult times — while also being mindful of our own boundaries so as not to burn out. Learning to recognize when it's time to take a break and practice self-care is essential for well-being and overall happiness.

It's in your best interest to walk away from a toxic relationship. The first step to gaining respect is learning to respect yourself. If you're carrying around suitcases of pride, it's time to let them go. Most relationships fail because people are more interested in their own needs than their partner's needs. Walking away from a relationship is often the best thing you can do for yourself - and your partner. Cecil Day-Lewis said, "The only way not to think about money is to have a great deal of it." So if you're struggling with money issues, know that you're not alone. The hardest part of life is often making the right decision at the right time. That's why it's so important to take care of your mental health and make sure you're in a good place before making any big decisions. Remember, you always come first - so make sure you're taking care of yourself and living your best life before anything else!

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