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Who's Attending Our Student Mental Health Roundtables?

Here is a list of some of the attendees for our upcoming Global Educational Leadership Roundtables on Student Mental Health:

  • Executive Director of an association for Superintendents and Administrators in the United States

  • Headteacher of a Sixth Form school in the UK

  • Head of School at a private school in Nigeria

  • Education Consultant in Canada

  • Principal of a private school in the United Arab Emirates

  • Principal of a private school in Egypt

  • Principal of a private school in the United States

  • Principal of a private school in Switzerland

  • Associate Superintendent of a large school district in the United States

  • Vice President of a global schools group in Asia

  • CEO of a nonprofit teacher training institute in the UK

  • Principal of a private school in India

  • Principal of an international school in China

  • CEO of an International Educational association in New Zealand

  • Principal of a private school in Canada

  • Head of a Montessori school in the United States

Our Global Educational Leadership Roundtables are exclusively for school heads, leaders in education associations and leaders in education departments.

If you are interested in attending, please contact me at [email protected].

Or, if I've sent you to this link, please see the email or message for links to reserve your spot.

Here's What Our Roundtables Attendees Are Saying:

"Jonno and his team at Clarity Group Global facilitated a professional introduction and an excellent execution of our roundtable. Participants reflected together how valuable the time was together. For me, that hour was equivalent to a day at a conference." - Dr. Drew Hinds

"Attending the Global Educational Leadership Roundtable has been an exceptionally rewarding experience. The open and inclusive environment, which is attended by Principals from around the world, is a forum where every voice is heard and valued. Based on a monthly theme, not only do we hear the thoughtful responses of each Principal to issues that they have faced, but we also discuss actionable solutions. The roundtable exemplifies effective school leadership and reinforces the feeling that, as school Principals, we are not alone. I am very grateful to Jonno for his insight in establishing this initiative, which is having a meaningful impact on my own leadership and life in school. It truly serves as my small oasis of sanity in my very hectic schedule. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!" Joanna Povall, Principal of Wales International School in UAE

"The opportunity to hear from colleagues globally who are grappling with similar situations and able to share their insights was incredible. I have already informed colleagues of the benefits." - Vicki Stravinski, Principal, East Adelaide School in Australia

"Jonno demonstrates remarkable creativity in engaging individuals and fostering an atmosphere where they feel at ease, resulting in a seamless panel discussion." - Angelica Kaegi, Principal, Dallas Independent School District in the United States

"The roundtable format had me thinking about a number of issues that I don't normally find time to talk about." - Jeff Leahy, Head of School, Colorado Rocky Mountain School, United States

"The roundtable was very beneficial, because I was able to gather input from leaders across the nation and across the globe. Great information. I enjoyed it." - Dr. Darrell Floyd, Superintendent of School at Blue Ridge ISD in the United States

"I had the pleasure of participating in a roundtable discussion focused on school culture. It was amazing to hear the perspectives of educators from around the world, the similar challenges we face and different takes on how we can solve these issues. Jonno did an amazing job moderating the discussion, allowing every participant ample time to speak and asking important and intriguing questions. I would love to participate in more roundtable events in the future." - Kevin Macki, Director of School Relations at Calvary Christian Academy in the United States

"The real value of the roundtable was from speaking with leaders from a range of schooling contexts and across the world. It was comforting to realise we are all facing similar issues but also profitable to hear different approaches to those issues. Nothing beats 'sitting around the table' with interesting people and sharing our views." - Maurie Abraham, Education Consultant in New Zealand

"During a recent Global Educational Leadership Roundtable, I was fortunate to engage with international leaders to share our thoughts on the future of education. I learned so much from different parts of the world on how we are all tackling what seemed to be similar problems and predicting needs for the future. This is a practice I intend to engage in over and over and appreciated the expert facilitation of Jonno during such a lively, engaging, and thought-provoking session." - Christopher M. Jones, Executive Director, VASCD in the United States

" A couple of weeks ago I joined the Global Educational Leadership Roundtable put together by Jonno and I must say it was a very worthwhile time. I was impressed with the diversity in terms of age, educational backgrounds, location and experience of all participants. It was interesting learning from all the participants sharing their unique experiences as school leaders across the globe. One thought I can assure future participants is that you are going to meet participants from all over the world with similar experiences as you making you have solace in the fact that you are not alone on your journey and you will also meet participants with different experiences that you can learn so much from." - Sedem P. Gidiglo, Educational Consultant in Ghana

"It was a pleasure to participate in a recent Clarity Group Global roundtable discussion with other school leaders around the world. As overall school leaders, we work in isolation and the opportunity to break that isolation with colleagues in other countries is helpful, validating, and inspiring, depending. As an experienced school head, I enjoy sharing my successes with others, but also listening to the collective wisdom presented so that I can further enrich my practice. I'm looking forward to further discussions with colleagues and friends, far and near." - Andy Dailey, Director at Evolution International School in Egypt

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