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YOUR Big Fat Greek Wedding

Today we went to a Greek family member's Christening. It was beautiful.

Afterwards, everyone walked next door to the restaurant. They'd booked out a whole section of the restaurant for family and friends.

The food was incredible. We had lots of traditional Greek dishes that were all cooked fresh.

I'm not Greek by heritage. But I married into a Greek family so I'm an 'adopted Greek'.

I get to experience Greek hospitality and it's always a blessing. I cherish them and I'm part of a loving extended family.

Even though I've lived around Greek family culture for 17 years, I'm still surprised at how they do life.

What is Greek culture? Three things: family, food and large gatherings.

You might have seen the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding. It's so funny because it has some truth to it!

Today, my extended Greek family 'lived out' their culture.

Today was the epitome of family, food and large gatherings.

Is the same true for your organization?

If I asked a customer three things about you, what would they say?

If you haven't already, today I challenge you to ask for honest feedback. Find out what your employees, customers and other stakeholders think about your organization.

It might be tough to hear, but it will help you understand what the current reality is.

Have you already received honest feedback? Great! Your next step is to articulate the three things you want to embody.

Did the feedback highlight three things you're proud of? Or did it highlight three things you don't want to embody?

It's time to do the deep work to articulate what those three things are.

If you've already done the deep work, then your job is to live out those values.

The Greeks embody family, food and large gatherings. One example of how clear their culture is? The movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

What's YOUR Big Fat Greek Wedding?

Live out your organization's values so well that people know exactly what you stand for.

One thing that erodes trust faster than anything else is putting up with poor behaviour.

Do you have someone on your team who is difficult to lead? Someone who's toxic? Or someone who is just really different to you?

Learn how to deal with difficult people, even if you hate conflict, in my book Step Up or Step Out.

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