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  • Jonno White

10 minutes later... (yep, you know what happened!)

While I was cycling along the Brisbane River, I noticed that something was wrong.

My pedals started making a funny noise.

Then all of a sudden my bike stopped working.

I nearly fell off.

As I stopped to look at it, I realized the chain was stuck in the gears.

It was a new bike, which made it even more annoying!

For the next half an hour, I tried to pull the chain out of the gears.

But it was stuck.

So I had to walk home with my bike.

I was 'that guy' walking a bike along the pathway.

I'm sure people thought, "Mate, why not just ride the bike?"

The next morning, I got my toolbox and went downstairs to work on my bike.

Two hours later (yes, two hours!) I finally wiggled the chain out of the gears.

I was proud of myself. (I'm not a practical 'handyman' sort of guy)

I decided to take my fixed bike for a ride.

10 minutes later... (yep, you know what happened!)

The chain came undone again.

It was exactly the same problem. My chain was completely stuck in the gears.

I was furious.

There was no way I was going to spend more of my time trying to fix that bike.

I locked the bike to a pole, scootered home and drove back to pick up my bike.

I took it straight to the bike shop I bought it from.

The mechanic was fantastic. He put the bike up onto his machine so he could find the problem.

What do you think the problem was?

A broken frame on my new bike?