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7 More Questions on Leadership with Venu GR

Name: Venu GR

Title: CEO & NED | Academia Mentor

Organisation: SNEL

Brief : Venu GR, CEO SNEL, IND & VN,

----- 25+ Year industry Exprience ( IT | Telecom | HealthCare | Fintech & AgriTech) E E of the Year,2022 Top 50 Leaders of INDIA | CEO of the Year, 2020 | NED Board Advisor - FinTech & IT | Academic Advisor-RMIT | SMU| UM | Business Formation Advisor - Virtual Centers| Venture Support - Mentor

Mentor for Below Org:

Wadhwani FoundationStartup Mentor, IND



Mentornets, USA

GuidePoint, Chief Mentor

SMU University, USA


University of WestMinister, UK

Youth Mentor- ATL Mission, IND

NEN Mentor, IND

Washington University, Mentor

Aston University, London, UK

Business Mentor, CoffeeMug

I am passionate - " ISR" Individual Social Responsibility Drive to Contribute for Society development

Thank you to the 2,000 leaders who’ve generously done the 7 Questions on Leadership!

We’ve gone through the interviews and asked the best of the best to come back and answer 7 MORE Questions on Leadership.

I hope Venu's answers will encourage you in your leadership journey. Enjoy!


Jonno White

1. As a leader, how do you build trust with employees, customers and other stakeholders?

As a Leader, First understand Organisation VISION | MISSION | GOAL - Same should Create Awareness with in Employees And Customers along Stake Holders will Accept You as a Leader - " Deliver what You Promise " & Leader should be Accessible to them 24/7.

2. What do 'VISION' and 'MISSION' mean to you? And what does it actually look like to use them in real-world business?

VISION & MISSION - Organisation Milestone to Achieve .

3. How can a leader empower the people they're leading?

Leader should Create Open Communication work environment

4. Who are some of the coaches or mentors in your life who have had a positive influence on your leadership? Can you please tell a meaningful story about one of them?

The Founder of HCL Technology Mr. Shiv Nadar Used to Address My employee once leave my floor ...I can see them on Top Layer in any Organisation .

His Confidence on his Employees. ...!

5. Leadership is often more about what you DON'T do. How do you maintain focus in your role?

Leader - Should stand by Team

6. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Everyone plans differently. How do you plan for the week, month and years ahead in your role?

First we should Create BluePrint of Plan ....Create awareness of Organization Milestones aling with schedule time line to employees And Lead

7. What advice would you give to a young leader who is struggling to delegate effectively?

Young Leaders are Future CEO's of Organisation.

Leader should have skill set Matrix of his team members strength And weakness .. This Skill Matrix helps as a Tool to delegate effectively

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