• Jonno White

Can people binge your content online?

My favourite book that I've read recently is Oversubscribed by Daniel Priestley. One of the things that struck me most in the book is the idea that for someone to get to know you online they need to be able to binge your content for 7 hours. Wow!

As a result, I've been working on my content with this number in mind.

So let me give you the same challenge. If someone came across your leadership - in whatever context that is - and wanted to immerse themselves in your thoughts online, how long would it take them to binge everything you've written and every video you've recorded?

For me, it was 20 minutes.

Whatever it is for you, commit to create more content consistently so you can reach a point where someone can binge your content for 7 hours and feel like they've gotten to know you well without even meeting you. How cool!

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