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Congratulations on your new reality show!

Leaders, well done. I know you watch the Kardashians with a deep longing to have your own show, and now it's here!

What on earth am I talking about you might ask? (A common question)

Well, marketing can be simplified for most leaders, small businesses and personal brands to this one idea.

Imagine you were filming your own reality show

I know it sounds funny but it's a brilliant filter. I love what Garyvee says about marketing which is to document content rather than to create it.

There's this show I've watched vicariously through my mates Richo and James where people get dropped off in the middle of nowhere and have to survive. They're not near anyone and the winner gets a million dollars or thereabouts.

They have to film themselves using the equipment provided as part of the minimum to win the competition.

Well, you need to do the same!

So many of us are trying too hard to write the perfect blog or film the perfect video any cinematographer would be proud of when people just want to get to know... you.

More often than not, you are your brand. As Brian Houston says, don't create culture, BE culture.

So if you're busy being culture, why not film it, use it as images and use it as content?

RWEP (Real world example please)

I just listened to a three hour podcast on sleep by the Huberman Lab featuring Matthew Walker who wrote Why We Sleep.

I could come up with a new piece of content about leadership styles or I could just write about sleep...

See my previous post to this one :)

I wrote about sleep because it's related to leaders and I believe it's important. So I'm just using what I'm discovering and doing to fuel my content to help get my brand out there so people can get to know me and, in turn, get to know Clarity.

You can do the same!

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