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How To Make The Viral Tiktok Mac And Cheese Recipe

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

We made a recipe for mac and cheese that people on TikTok are talking about. It is a way to make Kraft mac and cheese even better. Kraft is the best, according to our taste test. To make it, just follow the simple steps on the side of the box. But this new recipe takes it up a level!

Nikki's TikTok video showed a different way to make Kraft Mac. You only need a pot, spoon and ingredients. Some people say the end result is even creamier!

I decided to test out the TikTok mac and cheese hack myself because her video was doing so well.

What makes TikTok Mac and Cheese different? Usually, you cook boxed macaroni for seven or eight minutes. But with this TikTok mac and cheese recipe, you don't have to strain the ingredients. They can all go in the pot together before it is put on the stove.

To make TikTok Mac and Cheese, you will need:

  • 1 box Kraft Mac and Cheese

  • 1/4 cup milk

  • 4 tablespoons butter

  • Enough water to cover the pasta

You Will Also Need…

  • 1 Saucepan

  • 1 Mixing Spoon

  • 1 Pasta Bowl

Step One:

Gather the ingredients, which includes milk and butter. The amount of each ingredient you'll need depends on how much pasta you're making.

Step Two:

Mix all the ingredients together in a saucepan.

Pour the dry pasta into a pot. Add water until the noodles are just covered. Add butter and cheese powder packets from the box. Do not add milk yet. Stir well before placing the pot on the stove.

Step Three: Cook the pasta

Bring the heat up to medium and let the water come to a boil before adding in the pasta. Once you've added it, stir occasionally until it's cooked through. Bring the heat down to low so that it can simmer, uncovered. You'll see the cheese sauce thicken and noodles soften as they cook together--this is what you want! In just a few minutes, most of liquid will be gone.

Step Four

The fourth step is to add milk and mix. Continuously stir while the heat is kept low and before the macaroni starts boiling again. Make sure to monitor closely so that the sauce does not get too thick or sticky. Once you are happy with the consistency, turn off the stove and serve your macaroni dish right away.

This TikTok hack for making Kraft mac and cheese is getting a lot of attention. People are sharing it because it's a great way to make this dish.

There are a few different ways to strain pasta. One way is to use a colander, which is not very hard. But I don't like doing it because it's not easy to do with a lot of food. Another way is to use the TikTok method, which is harder for me because it's hard to hold the food in place.

If you follow the steps, the pasta will turn out just right. Make sure that the water level is just above the noodles in Step 2, and monitor liquid closely during cooking. Do not let the pasta overcook or it will be soggy.

The pasta and cheese sauce didn't just get thrown together. It was cooked together and it turned out thick and creamy. The cheese didn't taste too salty, which is good because I only used 2% milk. Overall, this Kraft mac and cheese was pretty tasty. I added a dash of black pepper to finish it off, and that was a nice touch.

Wow! This mac and cheese recipe by a tiktok user is one of the best viral recipes. Check out the viral video on Tiktok and pay close attention to the mozzarella cheese.

I think we'll see more of this sort of viral tiktok recipe, but maybe with sharp cheddar cheese and a baking dish? Regardless, the end result of a tiktok video is a viral tiktok mac and cheese dish worth writing home about.

It uses simple ingredients which makes it a great recipe. You could also consider cheese powder and white cheddar. Or try the pasta on a medium heat. I also recommend using the pasta water in the full recipe (or use it for other easy dinners using kraft macaroni).

It truly is a one-pot mac that works first thing in the morning. Try using a heavy cream with onion powder and make it for thanksgiving dinner. Or for cheese lovers, double the cheesy goodness with that al dente pasta.

Extra cheese is always the best part! Elbow macaroni is a must, but you could do your own version of baked feta pasta as well. Keep it at a rolling boil with tablespoons of butter ready to go to add once it's done.

The origins of Mac and Cheese

The origins of mac and cheese are not entirely clear, but there are a few different stories about how it was invented. One story says that it was first made in the 13th century by an Italian chef named Marco Polo.

He supposedly created the dish when he was traveling in China and ran out of ingredients to make his usual pasta dish. So he mixed together some cheese and macaroni, and the rest is history!

Another story says that mac and cheese was actually invented in America. A man named Thomas Jefferson is credited with creating the dish in 1802 while he was serving as President. He supposedly came up with the recipe after trying to make a French dish called gratin dauphinois.

No matter where it came from, mac and cheese is now a classic comfort food that everyone loves. It's perfect for a quick and easy dinner, or for satisfying your cravings for something cheesy and delicious!

Why do videos go viral on Tiktok?

There are a few different reasons why videos go viral on Tiktok. One reason is that the app is designed for short, quick videos that are easy to watch. This makes it perfect for sharing funny or interesting videos with your friends.

Another reason is that Tiktok is a social media platform where users can interact with each other. This means that people are more likely to share videos that they think their friends will enjoy.

Finally, many of the videos on Tiktok are user-generated, which means that anyone can create and share their own videos. This gives people a lot of variety and allows them to find content that interests them.

Thanks to TikTok, I don't need to use box instructions anymore. If you haven't tried it yet, it's not too late to try some of the most popular recipes on TikTok - like the whipped coffee that got us all through early quarantine days, and of course the Baked Feta Pasta that broke the internet!

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