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If You Paid Me $100,000 This Is The First Exercise I'd Do With Your Team

Imagine you decide to invest big in your team...

You wire me $100,000 and I jump on a plane and turn up on your doorstep.

You've brought your team together for two days. It's the first of multiple offsites we're going to do together over 12 months.

We sit down for breakfast all together as a team and I explain the agenda for the two days.

After breakfast, we walk upstairs to the conference room we're using.

I stand up at the whiteboard and kick off the two days...

Here's the first exercise I'd do with your team.

I came across this exercise in Patrick Lencioni's book The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.

It sounds ridiculously simple (and it is) but it's still the exercise I do with every new team I work with.

I've done it with team after team after team and it never disappoints.

I often get teams to stop and feel the atmosphere before we do the exercise.

I know this sounds touchy feely but after doing this exercise in as little as half an hour the whole atmosphere changes.

Ice cold teams warm up and defrost - sometimes for the first time in years.

Cool teams heat up faster than the team leader expects.

Hot high-performance teams get a glimpse of what the next level might look like.

It's called the Personal Histories Exercise.

To find out exactly how to run the Personal Histories Exercise, check out this blog post I wrote:

Or, if you'd like to invest in taking your team to the next level, download my masterclass on team building right now and start watching in two minutes:

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