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  • Jonno White

1,000 Best New York Quotes And NYC Instagram Captions (2023)

1. New York Is Always In My Mind.

2. “Only In New York.”

3. “Hey, I’Ve Got Nothing To Do Today But Smile.

4. “My Favorite Thing About New York Is The People Because I Think They’Re Misunderstood. I Don’T Think People Realize How Kind New York People Are.” — Bill Murray

5. “The City Seen From The Queensboro Bridge Is Always The City Seen For The First Time, In Its First Wild Promise Of All The Mystery And The Beauty In The World.”

6. “I Love New York.” – Hillary Clinton

7. “Manhattan Is An Accumulation Of Possible Disasters That Never Happen.” – Ed Koch

8. “What Can I Say, I’M In New York”

9. “Late Nights, Bright Lights.”

10. . “If Louis Was Right, And You Only Get One Great Love, New York May Just Be Mine. And I Can’T Have Nobody Talking Nonsense About My Boyfriend.” – Carrie Bradshaw

11. “New York Is Really The Place To Be; To Go To New York, You’Re Going To The Center Of The World, The Lion’S Den.” – Zubin Mehta

12. “If You Can Drive In New York, You Can Drive Anywhere”