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  • Jonno White

500 Best Polo G Quotes: Love, Life, Music, Songs (2023)

1. I take full accountability for everything that happen in my life even when I’m not inna wrong.

2. "One of the most important things is to evolve from what you used to be.”

3. “I just want genuine support from the people I love. ” – Polo G

4. “The day that I recorded the song, it was like I had just came from seeing my lil homies. ” – Polo G

5. Make sure you always think about & incorporate branding…. Push Yours Before anybody Else’s.

6. "In order to keep a 1 track mind on your goals you gotta block out opinions… just do you.” ― Polo G

7. “When it’s Genuine you don’t gotta try that Hard. ” – Polo G

8. “Crazy how I had to bump my head a thousand times before I finally gat it. ” – Polo G

9. "You got God on your side but it’s hard to do right.”

10. "Like when you lose a case, now you on the judge and you on the police time. You ain’t on your own time. You can’t freely do whatever you want to do.”

11. Don’t waste spendin Yo Whole life just chasin after One Dream one passion Could be a Distraction from yo True calling

12. "In life you always see the darkest days before the sunshine.” ― Polo G

13. “I take full accountability for everything that happens in my life, even when I’m not inna wrong.”

14. “I used to look out for a lot of different things to find happiness in but I just had to find it within myself. That was like the main thing. Just depression. ” – Polo G

15. Ain’t give a fuck about nothin’, in the slums takin’ risks. Remember we was starvin’, we was lurkin’ for a lick.

16. "When you are getting money, it’s hard to tell who with you.” ― Polo G

17. "When it’s genuine, you don’t gotta try that hard.”