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9 Easy recipe for how to boil an egg Tiktok

How to boil an egg? It's easy! Just follow these 10 simple steps and you'll have perfectly boiled eggs every time. This handy little guide also includes a helpful video from TikTok so you can see how it's done. Let's get started!

1. How to boil an egg in 10 easy steps

Boiling an egg can seem a bit daunting - especially if you're looking to hard boil them. But don't worry, with just 10 easy steps and the right equipment, you'll have hard-boiled eggs ready in no time! First off, decide whether you want your eggs "jammy" - which is cooked for 5-7 minutes - or hard boiled (9-12 minutes). Then fill an Instant Pot with boiling water, submerge eggs from cold water into the pot, and bring to a rolling boil. From there, adjust your cooker's settings according to your desired cook time and let the pot do its job! Once the timer goes off, remove the eggs one by one with a slotted spoon to cool them down before peeling and eating. With these simple steps you'll be hard boiling eggs like a pro in no time!

2. The best way to hard-boil an egg

Boiling an egg is more than just dropping it in a boiling pot of water; the best way to hard boil an egg is one that takes time, precision, and a little bit of finesse. With some bagel seasoning, hot sauce, and brown sugar in your arsenal of ingredients you can create perfectly cooked hard boiled eggs. Start with large eggs so they cook all the way through; then place them carefully in a pot of cold water and bring it slowly to a low boil. Once boiling season the water with bagel seasoning, hot sauce and brown sugar according to taste. After 35 minutes take the pan off the heat and let them sit for 8-10 minutes before submerging them into an ice bath. Then you'll have perfect hard boiled eggs - but if your preference leans towards soft-boiled eggs then air fryer setting at 350 degrees for 6 mins will do the trick!

3. How to make soft-boiled eggs

Making soft-boiled eggs is a simple process that requires just a few basic steps. Start by filling a large bowl with avocado toast and lemon juice. Place the eggs into the air fryer basket and make sure each egg is covered in avocado toast for maximum deliciousness. Boil the eggs until they are cooked al dente and then remove them from the air fryer. Finally, take a little bit of avocado toast, place it on a plate, and top it with your perfectly cooked soft-boiled egg! Enjoy!

4. Why you should start boiling your eggs this way

Have you seen the latest TikTok egg boil trend? It involves using seafood boil to cook eggs in a different air fryer than the typical method, and it comes with lots of great benefits. Firstly, the seafood boil gives your eggs more flavor than plain boiling. Secondly, when done right, you can get an ideal runny yolk without having to take the risk of running cold eggs through hot oil with a traditional air fryer. Lastly, seafood boil helps cook the egg whites evenly while still keeping them nice and fluffy. If you're looking for an interesting way to cook eggs that will keep your family happy, give this TikTok egg boiling trend a try!

5. benefits of boiled eggs

Boiled eggs are a kitchen hack that everyone should have in their arsenal. Jackie Hartlaub, an avid TikTok user, recently posted a recipe for boiled eggs that is definitely worth trying! All it takes is a large pot of water and your desired amount of eggs. A few minutes later you have the perfectly cooked eggs, ready to be devoured! You can sprinkle sesame seeds on top or grab some spicy sauce to dip them into - both will add to the deliciousness of your eggy creation. With the various options available, there is definitely something for everyone with this jackie hartlaub egg recipe. Be sure to try boiling your own eggs next time you're looking for a quick yet nutritious snack!

6. How to store boiled eggs

Storing boiled eggs can be a tricky task, and it is important to do it properly so they last. The large deep sauté pan is the way to go for those embarking on low-carb recipes or hoping to make some tasty scotch eggs. Boiled eggs should always be stored on a hard surface, usually a large plate or dish where they are free from danger of knock or bump. This is particularly important for enthusiastic cooks like the 'pasta queen.' Taking care when storing boiled eggs will ensure that chefs have the perfect ingredient ready when whipping up their next delicious dish - whether a classic pecorino romano pasta bake or an innovative recipe posted on social media.

7. Find a pot that will fit the number of eggs you want to boil - make sure there is enough water to cover them

When it comes to boiling eggs, finding the right pot is essential. Different people have different ways of cooking their eggs. One key factor in choosing a pot is making sure there is enough unsalted butter or hot water to cover the eggs before cooking starts. However, if you are aiming for a rapid boil, then make sure to use less water - this will decrease the total cooking time significantly. You may also want to consider an air fryer for recipes calling for room temperature eggs - the added benefit being faster cooking times and much less oil needed. Regardless of your preferences for boiled eggs, always choose a pot that will fit your needs - and don't forget to make sure there's enough water or unsalted butter to cover them!

8. Put the eggs in the pot and turn on the heat, bringing the water to a boil

Once you’ve placed the eggs in the pot and turned on medium-low heat, it is important to ensure that the eggs are in a single layer so that they will cook evenly. Once the water begins to boil, lower the temperature to medium heat and let them sit for about 7 minutes. When finished, turn off the heat and cool them off with cold running water. Now you have perfectly cooked eggs to use for your favorite egg salad sandwich or other creations. If you’re looking for something different, try frying your hard boiled eggs with a bit of hot air! To get some truly crispy and delicious results, heat up medium-high flame while continuously turning around your eggs. Enjoy!

9. Once the water is boiling, set a timer for 3-5 minutes depending on how you like your eggs cooked

With a small spoon, crack two to three eggs into a boiling pot of pasta water. Then sprinkle a small pinch of garlic powder and black pepper on the eggs for seasoning. If desired, you can even try egg boil sauce or a small dab of seasoned soup. After that, set a timer depending on how cooked you prefer your eggs to be – whether it's three minutes for a softer texture or five minutes for a firmer one. Finally, strain the water off the eggs and enjoy — your first air fryer meal is complete!

By following these simple steps, you will be able to make the perfect boiled egg every time. The benefits of eating boiled eggs are plenty, so there is no reason not to start incorporating them into your diet today. Hard-boiled eggs can last up to a week in the refrigerator, making them a great meal prep option. What other recipes would you like to see on the blog? Let us know in the comments below!

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