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There's Only ONE Type Of Content You Need To Post










It's too much. Not figuratively, literally. For many small business owners or even people who want to grow their personal brands.

It's too much for them to try to be across all of those channels.


There's only ONE type of content you need to post, right now.

It works across nearly every channel (I think, anyway).

The focus of most social media channels right now in 2023 is on short portrait videos.


1. People have shorter attention spans.

Tiktok is the best example of this. But you don't have to look far in history to see the biggest social media trends of the past few years have been short videos such as Snapchat.

2. Video continues to be king.

For the foreseeable future, video is king. There's no other type of content growing as fast as video.

3. People use mobiles.

Think about it. What percentage of your time on social media is on a desktop device? Or what about on a mobile? Most of us, it's the latter. Mobile phones are portrait not landscape.

They're the main three points I can think of. Long story short, if you shoot short portrait videos you can use them across every channel and you'll win the video mobile market.

My recommendation right now if you're struggling with your time and how to best use social media: focus exclusively on short video portraits.

I do mine in Canva because I hate putting my face on video. It's a lot of work and it's stressful. It's easier to just create content on Canva that's a portrait video. I do a lot of leadership quotes, podcast recommendations and book recommendations.

Once you've got your content relevant for your niche as a short video portrait, share it across every channel:

Tiktok: Share it as a tiktok. Then, save the video that Tiktok gives you and download it to your phone. Choose a quirky song to have as audio over the top. I just did a team building quote so I put 'Better Together' by Jack Johnson over the top.


Do the same process for Facebook reel. Then, take your Tiktok exported video with the sound on it and use that as a story and as a post.


Do the same process for Instagram reel. Then, take your Tiktok exported video with the sound on it and use that as a story. The Instagram reel can also publish as a post on Insta so you don't need to do the post separately.


Share the Tiktok video export with the sound in it with a good caption as a LinkedIn post.


Do the same process as Tiktok, Facebook and Instagram reels for YouTube shorts. You can choose to add your own audio which is better than using the Tiktok export video.


Share the Tiktok video.


Share the Tiktok video.

See! You've hit almost every channel except Pinterest. Can you even use video on Pinterest? I don't know, it's the channel I've used the least.

Forget everything else, focus on short video portraits and get your brand consistently in front of your raving fans and your NEW raving fans.

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