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Unlock the Secret to 100X Your Productivity with This One Tactic

The 10X problem:

You want to 10X your productivity. We all do. Maybe you're feeling burned out? Maybe you want to achieve more?

The problem is that you're already not getting it done. Most of us aren't sitting around twiddling our thumbs! As good as it sounds on podcasts, there aren't 10 low hanging fruit options for you to cut. You've tried that.

If anything, the problem is that you need to be 10X more effective and efficient. Yes, MORE effective. MORE efficient.

Why 'less, but better' doesn't work here:

I'm usually a fan of the 'less, but better' mantra.

But when it comes to trying to be 10X more productive as a leader, it's not a healthy equation.

It lasts for a moment, maybe weeks or even months if you're a beast. But at some point the equation starts taxing. And most leaders go back to their old ways.

You can't 10X your productivity:

It's impossible to 10X your productivity! Sorry. You simply can't change a bunch of things you do to be that much more effective. I can see the naysayers disagreeing with me but I'm not talking about sloth burnout here.

You're a leader because you have skills and talents. You get stuff done in some capacity. I simply don't believe the answer to your situation is for you to be a bit more effective and efficient. It might help but it's not the answer.

There is, however, a way to 100X your productivity...

You - "Jonno, you've gone nuts. You just said I can't 10X my productivity."

Jonno - "Bleeparooni, you are correct. I said exactly that. However, there's a bit of a loophole. It's not you 10Xing your productivity. But it's something you can do that does 100X your productivity."

You - "Why did you call me Bleeparooni?"

Jonno - "Good question, let's move on."

The big reveal:

Here it is: you can't 10X your productivity. But...

A high-performing team will 100X your productivity.

That's the secret! If you can work out how to build a high-performing team, you can avoid leadership burnout.

This is the 'synergy' principle. Or as Aristotle said:

"The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts."

Let's be honest, sometimes this is false.

But when you build a high-performing team, this is true.

In fact, in my experience a high-performing team goes well beyond 10Xing your productivity. I believe it's closer to 100Xing your productivity.

That's because a truly high-performing team gathers unstoppable momentum.

- Everyone has each other's backs

- Everyone covers each other's blind spots and weaknesses

- Team members are attacking vision and values from multiple angles

- Communication is cascading from the team throughout the organization

- The team is crystal clear on what is the top priority at the moment (and everything that ISN'T)

- People are putting projects and tasks aside that aren't imperative and jumping into anything and everything that needs to be done for the team and org to be successful

- Team members are high-performers and they will call each other on behaviour. If you're too sensitive for constructive feedback you won't last on this team. But the high-performers will and that's why THIS team wins championships.

See? Add all those factors together and you get 100X productivity.

Start 100Xing your productivity TODAY.

Download my masterclass and start watching it straight away (even if it's 2am in the morning where you are):

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