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  • Jonno White

400 Best Cute Wedding Quotes And Instagram Captions (2023)

Updated: Jan 15

1. Is it just me, or does she look cuter with my last name?

2. I’m so excited to be a part of this bride’s special day!

3. Mutual weirdness forever.

4. All you need is love.

5. Pleasure to witness your love story unfold.

6. Best wishes to the happy couple on their big day!

7. He stole my heart, so I stole his last name!

8. “Husbands are like wine; they take a long time to mature.” – Letters To Juliet

9. They said I do, and we said finally!

10. I hope my wedding is as good as the one that I pinned on Pinterest.

11. This wedding was better than any Pinterest wedding board I’ve ever seen.

12. Marriage is having the freedom to do whatever your wife tells you to do.

13. Bridezilla? More like Groomzilla!

14. Now you are stuck with me forever and always. We are united by love and a heartbeat.

15. Diamonds are forever, and so is this love.

16. Another weekend, another wedding.

17. Can we skip all these official parts and ceremonies and proceed to serving the cake?

18. Happy I get to eat and drink in celebration of my favorite couple.

19. All of my smiles start with you

20. I said, "Yaaaassss!"

21. True love stories never have endings but they have beginnings.

22. I love you more than anything and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.

23. This is the beginning of our forever.