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Five Dysfunctions of a Team Powerpoint

As you kick off building your healthy team or seeing health flow through your organisation, it's often helpful to have some tools to get everyone else on board.

Here is a five dysfunctions of a team powerpoint I created. Of course it's all Lencioni's material, but I've just broken it down into each dysfunction and the result of each one so you can explain the pyramid to other staff.

I hope it helps you! The other things I've found helpful on top of using a five dysfunctions of a team powerpoint for workshops and keynotes is to find ways to make the dysfunctions engaging. Try using a puzzle or riddles and getting people into teams as you're explaining the dysfunctions.

The other thing that works well is asking your people to explain to you their experiences in teams. Seriously! It's interesting hearing experiences - the good and the bad - and if you have experience facilitating groups it's easy then to take what's said and link it to the five dysfunctions.

Once again, all the best with building your team and hope the five dysfunctions of a team powerpoint helped you.

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