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  • Jonno White

"Are my people okay?"

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Employee wellbeing for Christian schools

At some point, all great heads of schools have asked, "Are my people okay?"

But how can you really know how your people are going?

Here's a framework based on Tom Rath’s book, Are You Fully Charged? and Patrick Lencioni’s book, The Truth About Employee Engagement to help Christian schools measure and improve employee wellbeing.

Part one—measuring employee wellbeing in a Christian school

There are four keys to measuring employee wellbeing in a Christian school.

1. Energy

Tom Rath defines energy as making choices that improve your mental and physical health.

Christian school staff who make poor choices regarding mental and physical health will inevitably perform poorly—and even have to step back altogether at some point either by resigning or changing careers.

How to measure:

  • Sleep

  • Exercise

  • Diet

2. Interactions

Tom Rath explains that interactions affect employee wellbeing when there are either more positive or negative interactions in a day.

More negative interactions than positive interactions = decreased employee wellbeing for your teachers and other staff.

More positive interactions than negative interactions = increased employee wellbeing for your teachers and other staff.

How to measure:

  • Daily interactions with people

3. Meaning

Meaning is third because it’s difficult to measure. However, it’s arguably most important.

Of all the events that engage people at work, the single most important, by far, is simply making progress in meaningful work – Harvard Study by Teresa Amabile and Steven Kramer.

Patrick Lencioni calls this irrelevance. When we can’t see a direct link between our daily work and the positive impact it’s having on someone’s life, our employee wellbeing is negatively affected.

How to measure: