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7 More Questions on Leadership with Ahmed Abdallah Al Monzer

Name: Ahmed Abdallah Al Monzer

Title: Group Chief Executive Officer

Organisation: Genie Power Group

𝔾ɾσυρ ℂ𝔼𝕆 σϝ 𝔾ҽɳιҽ ℙσɯҽɾ | 𝔸ԃʋιʂσɾყ 𝔹σαɾԃ 𝕄ҽɱႦҽɾ | 𝕍𝔾𝔼 | 𝔾𝕀𝔸 🌍 I've a Vision!

Thank you to the 2,000 leaders who’ve generously done the 7 Questions on Leadership!

We’ve gone through the interviews and asked the best of the best to come back and answer 7 MORE Questions on Leadership.

I hope Ahmed's answers will encourage you in your leadership journey. Enjoy!


Jonno White

1. As a leader, how do you build trust with employees, customers and other stakeholders?

To build trust with all business parties

It is necessary to pre-analyze all types of transactions to identify problems and ways to treat them or by predicting any form of behavioral deviation or course modification

And trust in order to be built must improve the quality of the mutual relationship and develop it continuously through professional tools for each party

The existence of this relationship is based on the privileges granted through short and long term plans and the development of indicators to measure them and the system followed for its continuous success

2. What do 'VISION' and 'MISSION' mean to you? And what does it actually look like to use them in real-world business?

The vision and mission is like a special guide to which I always return to know my last destination and thus continue the daily operational processes and develop them to reach the goal through which the entity was established

In the business world, the vision and mission is what the organization aspires to reach based on translating this vision into the message and then translating it into strategic plans through operational plans carried out by all departments to contribute to achieving and developing daily goals to achieve the organization's vision at a time that has been determined in advance.

3. How can a leader empower the people they're leading?

There's a secret word to answer on that question is DELEGATION

4. Who are some of the coaches or mentors in your life who have had a positive influence on your leadership? Can you please tell a meaningful story about one of them?

There's more mentors I had to influence me in the leadership like as [Bill George - Josh Bersin] and my grandmother

Since my childhood and my grandmother always sought to empower me through difficult situations I passed on the family through his participation in the solution and my contribution to the delegation to make decisions in some of them in addition to increasing confidence based on his vision of my abilities and his belief in my capabilities and how to stand with the family

My grandfather had a great impact on my presence with my uncle and their support for me in many matters, and when his vision was completed to reach maturity through my efficiency and effectiveness, he sought to increase my empowerment by obtaining a lot of powers related to the family's business, next to his will to me to work on building a generation of leaders from the family's youth to raise their efficiency and capabilities, and thus work on the strength of the family and its continuation through business and internally the family.

5. Leadership is often more about what you DON'T do. How do you maintain focus in your role?

I lead by MBO, this my style in my leadership through Management by objectives based on deadlines I specific in advance to achieve all strategic objectives and I implement strategy (Be Human) at all corporate levels and all business projects

6. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Everyone plans differently. How do you plan for the week, month and years ahead in your role?

Before I join to an organization, often being the specific type of industry that is offered, and having all the information about it in general, I design a 90-day timeline based on how I know the details of the company through its website and some other information through some relationships, and in the 90-day period, I plan to achieve the organization's goal with time scales linked to the goal, and there are many different tools, whether it's about the goal, me, or business in general.

7. What advice would you give to a young leader who is struggling to delegate effectively?

Build trust

Build a Christmas

Build a talents through training and mentoring and coaching them and make them face their problems and solving it

Please be human and let your employees make mistakes and make them suffer consequences without any fear.

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