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1,000 Funny Duck Quotes and Instagram Captions (2023)

1. “Consequences, Schmonsequences, as long as I’m rich.”

2. “I may be small, but I’ve got a big attitude!”

3. “Finding joy in the simplest things, like ripples on the water.”

4. “Don’t worry, be ducky”

5. Use natural light – This will help your photos look more natural and prevent any harsh shadows

6. “You want love? Buy a dog.”

7. “Quack-tastic adventures with the one and only Donald Duck!”

8. “I may quack a lot, but you make my heart skip a beat.”

9. “Feathers and quacks, that’s all it takes to make me happy.”

10. “Duck-a-licious”

11. “When life gets tough, just squeeze your rubber duck!”

12. “Chasing sunsets and duck shadows. #DuckMagic #GoldenHour

13. “Let’s fly high and quack louder!”

14. “Daisy Duck vibes: a mix of grace and quirkiness.”

15. “Life is better with ducks!”

16. “Marching alongside the quacking parade.”

17. “Every quack and waddle is a dose of cuteness overload!”

18. “Prince Charles is the only member of the Royal Family who ever left Cinderella for the Ugly Duckling.”

19. “Ducks are nature’s little ambassadors of joy.”

20. “Ducks are the cutest creatures, always spreading positivity and love.”

21. “No bad days with ducks around.”

22. “Embracing the elegance and charm of Daisy Duck.”

23. “Ducks: the unofficial mascots of happiness.”

24. “I may be a duck, but I’m nobody’s sitting duck!”

25. “Fluffy feathers and endless quack-tastic charm!”

26. “Poetry is a sky dark with a wild-duck migration.”

27. “I’m a huge fan of Warner Brothers cartoons. I would spend many hours alone after school watching Daffy Duck. I think Daffy Duck is one of the great comedic villains.”

28. “I’m not shy; I’m just selectively social.”

29. “Ducky spirit 🦆”

30. “Just spreading some duck love and positivity today! 🦆❤️”

31. “Quackin’ and snackin’ – the duck life’s all about balance 🦆🍏”

32. “Paddle, paddle, quack, quack!”

33. Have fun – This will help you enjoy the process and get creative with your shots

34. “Ducks are quack-tually amazing 🦆 #DuckPuns

35. “Quack-tastic moments by the pond. #DuckAdventures #NatureLover

36. “When life gets quacky, just embrace your inner Donald.”

37. “Duck and roll with this little cutie.”

38. Be friends to Donald duck, and be safe!

39. “Ducks are a reminder to always keep things light and have a good time.”

40. “Eat vegetables and fear no creditors, rather than eat duck and hide.”

41. “Duckling cuteness overload!”

42. “Captivated by the grace and beauty of ducks.”

43. “Duck tales and happy trails.”

44. “Ducklings: nature’s fluffy wonders. #FluffyDucklings #NatureMarvels

45. “Ducks always bring a little bit of humor to the world 🦆”

46. “Ducks are a symbol of friendship, always sticking together no matter what.”

47. “Ducks never let life get too serious, they always find a way to quack things up 🦆”

48. “When life gives you lemons, be a duck and paddle on.”

49. “The world is my pond, and I’m ready to conquer it!”

50. “Strutting my stuff with Donald Duck confidence!”

51. “Quackin’ and relaxin’ by the pond 🦆☀️”

52. “I've always had a duck personality. Calm above water, feet going crazy below. ”

53. “Like a duck on the pond. On the surface, everything looks calm, but beneath the water, those little feet are churning a mile a minute.”

54. “Pond life is the best life!”

55. “I don’t always quack, but when I do, it’s awesome”

56. ” The duck responds, “You’re gonna have to catch me first!”

57. “Floatin’ through life with my rubbery companion.”

58. “Chasing sunsets and duck shadows by the water.”

59. “When I’m angry, even my quacks sound menacing!”

60. “Was that you or the duck?”

61. “Ducks always know how to make a quack-tastic impression 🦆 #DuckHumor

62. “Reflecting by the pond, where ducks have their say.”

63. “Meet me at the castle.”

64. “Quacktastic 🦆 #DuckLove

65. “Ducks always bring a smile to your beak 🦆”

66. “Duck kisses and fuzzy wishes.”

67. “Feathers and sunshine make everything better!”

68. ‘For us hunting wasn’t a sport. It was a way to be intimate with nature.

69. “Love is in the air, and so are ducks!”

70. “Ducks are the perfect combination of cute and quirky.”

71. “Turn challenges into opportunities to show your true colors.”

72. “Unlike a deer, a duck can see you in color and from a very long way off … if you can see a duck, it can see you.”

73. I am suffering from Donald duck fever!

74. “Ducks are masterfully designed…for both aquatic and terrestrial life.”

75. “Duck enthusiasts unite: celebrating all things quack-tastic! #DuckLove #QuackEnthusiast

76. ” The duck replies, “Why?”

77. “When the ducks are walking, you know it's too windy to play golf. ”

78. “Ducks may be small, but they have a big impact on my life.”

79. When you say mickey or Donald? You know my answer

80. “Ducks are the life of the party 🦆 #DuckHumor

81. Donald loves to be strange, be like him, and be carefree.

82. “Wading through life one duck at a time!”

83. “Ducks always bring a little bit of mystery 🦆 #DuckEnigma

84. “Duck walkin’ and quackin’ – the Donald Duck way!”

85. “A little bit of quack goes a long way”

86. “My feathered companion.”

87. “Ducks always bring a little bit of cute to our lives.”

88. “A wise duck takes care of its bill.”

89. “I’m like a pressure cooker, and I’m about to blow!”

90. “The duck side of life is the best side.”

91. “I walk like a duck: very straight up and down. Or like a penguin. It’s a dead giveaway that I’m a dancer.”

92. “Ducks are the cutest creatures, reminding us to always keep things light and fluffy.”

93. “Waddle I do without my fabulous Daisy Duck inspiration?”

94. “Ducks rock 🦆”

95. “Some birds avoid water, the duck searches for it.”

96. “Ducks always find a way to bring balance to their lives and the world around them.”

97. “A little consideration, a little thought for others, makes all the difference. ” — Donald Duck

98. “Quacking up with my adorable rubber friend.”

99. “Happiness is the richest thing we will ever own. ” — Donald Duck

100. “Just waddlin’ around, enjoying life’s little moments 🚶‍♂️🌿”

101. “Sometimes all you need is a little bit of quack therapy.”

102. “Ducks never back down from a challenge 💪 #DuckBravery

103. “I’ve tried counting to ten to calm down, but I always lose my temper somewhere around three!”

104. “Duck dance party in progress!”

105. “This is the last straw! Prepare for a duck-sized storm!”

106. “Small men oft feel a need to prove their courage with unseemly boasts," he declared. "I doubt if he could kill a duck."

107. “Life is better with ducks”

108. “Love is in the air, and it’s quack-tastic with you!”

109. “Spreading smiles with my delightful duck squad.”

110. “Ducks always bring a touch of nature 🦆 #DuckBeauty

111. “I've never had a spicy chicken sandwich worth getting stabbed over. But that's the kind of organic marketing experience I'd like to bring to duck farming.”

112. “Ducks always bring a sense of wonder, reminding us to appreciate the world around us.”

113. “Ducks never let life get them down, they just float on 🦆”

114. “Ducks fly 🦆”

115. “Ducklings make the world brighter.”

116. “Quack life 🦆”

117. “Love is like a duckling; it starts small and grows into something beautiful.”

118. “Be a beacon of positivity and bring sunshine to others.”

119. “Ducks always bring a little bit of quack-tastic joy 🦆 #DuckPuns

120. “The secret of success is to be like a duck, smooth and unruffled on top, but paddling furiously underneath. ”

121. “Quack-tually, ducks are the best 🦆 #DuckHumor

122. “Ducks always bring a little bit of quack-tastic fun to our lives 🦆”

123. “I’m not a morning person, but I am a duck person.”

124. “Quacking up with my feathered friend.”

125. “Ducks always make us laugh with their silly ways.”

126. “Ducks are a reminder to always make a splash in life and make the most of every moment.”

127. “In a world of ducks, be a duckling.”

128. “Quack your worries away!”

129. “Waddle I do without you?”

130. “I am not beautiful. My mother once called me an ugly duckling. But, listed separately, I have a few good features.”

131. “Ducks make me smile!”

132. “Singing songs like ‘The Man I Love’ or ‘Porgy’ is no more work than sitting down and eating Chinese roast duck, and I love roast duck.”

133. “Spending time with my lovely duck squad.”

134. “Ducks quack like a cacophony of saxophone. At least, they sound like how I play jazz. If you're looking for an elevator musician, I am FOR HIRE.”

135. Spread love around you, ignore the jealous because they will always be jealous of you, says Donald duck!

136. “Always be kind, like a mother duck”

137. “Envy can breed swans from bad duck eggs.”

138. “Life is a pond, and I’m just here to float.”

139. “Quackin’ and relaxin’, my kind of day.”

140. “No, no, no, no, if you don’t stop quacking, you’ll wake the whole neighborhood.”

141. “I’m not saying I’m obsessed with ducks, but…”

142. “Ducks always bring a little bit of sunshine to our lives.”

143. “An optimist is someone who figures that if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s the bluebird of happiness.”

144. “Duck vibes only.”

145. “The world needs more quack-tastic creatures like this one.”

146. “Ducklings bring sunshine wherever they go.”

147. “Ducks always brighten up the world with their playful antics.”

148. “I can do a really good animal impression! I'm great at ducks, cats, dogs, and occasionally dolphins. ”

149. “Ducks rule the pond 🦆”

150. “I look like a duck. It’s the way my mouth curls up, or my nose tilts up. I should have played Howard the Duck.”

151. “A duck’s life for me!”

152. Beware of Donald duck, as he can hit you hard if you irritate him!

153. “Rubber duckie squad, assemble!”

154. “Ducklings: nature’s little bundles of joy.”

155. “Ducks in a row 🦆 #DuckLife

156. “Rub-a-dub-dub, rubber duck love in the tub.”

157. “Quack attack!”

158. “When life gets tough, be a duck and let it roll off your feathers.”

159. “Always behave like a duck, keep calm and unruffled on the surface but paddle like the devil underneath. ”

160. “Just keep swimming – like a duck”

161. “Ducks always make a quack-tastic impression 🦆”

162. “Ducks always keep it cool 🦆 #DuckChill

163. “So this is love…”

164. Donald duck influences me to quack

165. Happy quacks! from Donald duck.

166. “Ducklings are the cutest little fluff balls.”

167. “Quack your way to happiness!”

168. “In a world full of feathers, you’re the only one I want to flock with.”

169. “Ducks always land on their feet 🦆 #DuckSuccess

170. “In a world full of noise, finding solace in duck conversations. #DuckTalks #PeacefulQuacks

171. “I’ve heard of cat burglars, but this is ridiculous!” — Donald Duck

172. “Duck watching: a therapeutic pastime.”

173. “Quack quack 🦆”

174. “Ducks never waddle away from a good pun 🦆”

175. “Quack up the volume!”

176. “Ducks always know how to quack up a situation 🦆”

177. “Quackin’ and snackin’ with my feathered friends!”

178. “Duck, duck, goose! 🦆 #DuckPuns

179. “Man who waits for roast duck to fly into mouth must wait very, very long time.”

180. “Quacking up with my fine-feathered companions!”

181. “How fleeting are all human passions compared with the massive continuity of ducks.”

182. “Don't quack like a duck, soar like an eagle. ”

183. “Ducks always find a way to bring a smile to your face 🦆”

184. “Ducky vibes 🦆”

185. “Making memories with my feathered friends.”

186. “Quackin’ with the cool kids.”

187. “Ducks always bring a smile 🦆”

188. “True love's kiss.”

189. “My duck, my soulmate!”

190. “Every day is a duck adventure!”

191. If you have a friend like me, then you have good taste, says Donald

192. “Ducks are always up for adventure 🌊 #DuckExplorer

193. “Being with you is like wading through a sea of happiness.”

194. “Ducktails and daydreams with a touch of Daisy magic.”

195. “Ducks always bring a touch of fun and excitement to our lives.”

196. “Affectionate moments shared with these cute ducks.”

197. ‘A duck is so much more than a bath toy. A duck is a friend.’

198. “Ducklings in a row, ready for a day of cuteness. #DucklingParade #TinyCuteness

199. “Ducks always make a great impression 🦆”

200. “In a world full of noise, let’s learn from the ducks’ tranquility.”

201. “Ducks are quack-tastic 🦆 #DuckPuns

202. “Quack-tastic day 🦆”

203. “The perils of duck hunting are great - especially for the duck. ”

204. “Dreams are forever.” — Walt Disney

205. “Stepping into the world with Daisy Duck confidence!”

206. “Ducks may be small, but they have big personalities.”

207. “Ducklings may quack, but Daisy Duck shines!”

208. “Quack-tastic adventures await!”

209. “Ducks are a symbol of freedom, soaring through the skies with grace.”

210. “Chasing sunsets and cherishing duck encounters.”

211. “Ducks always have a good attitude, never letting anything bring them down.”

212. “Most Texans think Hanukkah is some sort of duck call.”

213. “Ducks: they’re not just for the pond anymore.”

214. “Ducks bring a touch of cuteness to the world.”

215. “Ducks always bring a little bit of quack to our lives 🦆”

216. “Quack-tually, ducks are always ducky 🦆 #DuckPuns

217. “Quackin’ up a storm!”

218. “You’re the duckiest!”

219. Dave Stockton.

220. “Every day is a good day when you’re surrounded by ducks.”

221. “Feeling ducky 🦆 #DuckGoals

222. “Quacktastic!”

223. “Rubber duckie, you’re always there to float my boat.”

224. “Would you mind if I took off my clothes?”

225. “Paddle like nobody’s watching.”

226. “Duck feathers and Donald attitude – a winning combo!”

227. “Ducks always make a great pair 🦆”

228. “Ducks are the cutest creatures on the pond.”

229. “Ducks are masterfully designed…for both aquatic and terrestrial life. ”

230. “Quacking my way through life, one feather at a time.”

231. “Ducks always bring a smile to your bill 🦆 #DuckPuns

232. “Sunshine, ducks, and happiness.”

233. “Embracing the charm of these feathered friends.”

234. “Aw, nuts!” — Donald Duck

235. “Ducks always bring joy 🦆”

236. “Always be yourself, unless you can be a duck. Then, always be a duck.”

237. ” I was going to take a selfie, but then I saw this duck and had to capture the moment. “

238. “This little duck brings so much joy to my life.”

239. “Channeling my inner zen by the peaceful pond 🧘‍♂️🍃”

240. Abuse a person in the Donald style, and laugh out loud!

241. “Ducks are the ultimate stress-relievers!”

242. “Life is better with ducks by your side.”

243. ” Ducking around. “

244. “Like two ducks swimming in sync, we’re meant to be together.”

245. “Feathers and quacks, that’s how we roll.”

246. “Sailing through life with a sprinkle of Daisy Duck attitude.”

247. “When life gets tough, remember, you’re one tough duck!”

248. “Guy goes into a bar with a duck under his arm. Bartender says, ‘Where’d you get the pig?’ Guy says, ‘This is a duck.’ Bartender says, ‘I was talking to the duck.’”

249. “Ducks always know how to bring peace 🦆 #DuckSerenity

250. “Mer-maid for eachother.”

251. “Ducklings are the cutest”

252. “Live life in full feather.”

253. “Quacking up the fun factor, one photo at a time.”

254. “Quack-tastic love is what we share, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

255. “Ducks always bring a little bit of magic and wonder to our lives.”

256. “Quacktually, ducks are awesome 🦆 #DuckPuns

257. “Ducks always make a splash in the pond of life 🦆”

258. “Life is better with a duck by your side!”

259. “Finding my inner Daisy and embracing the duck life.”

260. “Waddle I do without ducks?”

261. “Fowl play at the park!”

262. “Be like a duck, paddling and working very hard inside the water, but what everyone sees is a smiling and calm face.”

263. “Quack your way to happiness.”

264. “Life’s a journey, and I’m quacking all the way!”

265. “Quackin’ and relaxin’ with my rubber duck!”

266. “I’m not crazy, I just don’t give a darn!”

267. “Oh, boy, oh, boy, a pinata! …What’s a pinata?”

268. “Webbed feet, don’t care!”

269. “Adorable ducklings stealing hearts since forever.”

270. “Duck-tastic day with my BFF!”

271. “Your voice matters; don’t be afraid to let it be heard.”

272. “Ducks always find a way to bring a smile to your face, even when things are a little fowl 🦆”

273. “Ducks always know how to make a great photo opportunity.”

274. “Ducks are strong, fast flyers…”

275. “Waddle you do without a little duck in your life?”

276. “Let’s make a splash, duckie!”

277. Walter Cronkite.

278. “Feathers and friends make everything better.”

279. “Ducks always know how to bring joy and happiness to the world.”

280. “Duck-ify your life with a little quirkiness.”

281. “Surrounded by quacks and loving every minute.”

282. People often say I quack so cutely.

283. “Does a one-legged duck swim in circles?”

284. “Ducks always quack up 🦆 #DuckHumor

285. “Even in storms, find the rainbow and keep your spirit shining.”

286. “Man who waits for roast duck to fly into mouth must wait very, very long time. ”

287. “Ducks just wanna have fun!”

288. “Life is like a hurricane here in Duckburg. ” — Donald Duck

289. “Ducks are my spirit animal!”

290. “Rubber duck adventures in the tub!”

291. “Quack, laugh, and love.”

292. “Anger management? Nah, I prefer to embrace my fury!”

293. “Splish-splash, it’s a duck kind of day!”

294. “Quack-tastic squad goals”

295. “There’s nothing quite like a duck snuggle.”

296. “Ducks always bring a little bit of ducky fun to our lives 🦆”

297. “Ducks always bring a touch of love to the world.”

298. “Ducks always bring a little bit of quack-titude 🦆 #DuckPuns

299. Be crazy and insane, just like Donald.

300. “Duck squad on a mission: to quack you up! 🦆👯‍♂️”

301. “The squeaky wheel gets the grease, but the quacking duck gets shot.”

302. “Ducks are the epitome of cute and cuddly.”

303. “Nature is a wet place where large numbers of ducks fly overhead uncooked. ”

304. “Ducks are always in a good mood 🦆 #DuckHappiness

305. “In a world full of pigeons, be a duck.”

306. Donald duck is always on repeat for me

307. “Let setbacks roll off your back like water; they won’t sink you.”

308. “Ducks fly together”

309. “Ducks never let the world bring them down, they always keep their head above water.”

310. “Waddle I do without my duckling companions? #DucklingLove #TinyExplorers

311. “Duck yeah!”

312. “I grew up feeling like the ugly duckling, and things have not changed that much.”

313. “Embracing the simple joys of duck company.”

314. “Ducks are the cutest creatures, always spreading joy and happiness wherever they go.”

315. “Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!” — Donald Duck

316. “Chasing feathers and dreams, just like ducks. #FeatherChaser #Dreamer

317. “Chasing dreams and quacks just like Daisy Duck.”

318. “If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, we have at least to consider the possibility that we have a small aquatic bird of the family Anatidae on our hands.”

319. “I’m ducking awesome.”

320. “Ducks are a reminder to never give up, even when things get tough.”

321. “Feeling ducky today”

322. “Ducks always know how to make a splash 🦆 #DuckPuns

323. “Paddle, paddle, paddle – just keep swimming! 🏊‍♂️💙”

324. “Ducklings in a row, stealing hearts wherever they go. #Ducklings #AdorableQuacks

325. ”Be like a duck, paddling and working very hard inside the water, but what everyone sees is a smiling and calm face.”

326. “With you by my side, every day feels like a fairytale.”

327. “There are no ugly ducklings.”

328. “Quack, rattle, and roll!”

329. “Ducks unite 🦆”

330. “Waddle I do without my feathered friends?”

331. “Just a little duck in a big pond”

332. “Ah, the good old days.”

333. “Ducks always bring a touch of nature to our lives.”

334. I will only love a guy who pampers me like Donald pampers Daisy

335. “I’m not bad luck. I’m good luck with a twist!” — Donald Duck

336. “I’m just winging it – like a duck”

337. “Ducks quack loudly before a rain.”

338. “Splashing around in the duck pond on a sunny day.”

339. “Hans Solo to my Princess Leia.”

340. “Ducktails and tales of a quack-tastic life. #FeatheredStories #LifeOfDucks

341. “Hams in wine, pressed duck, pate de foie gras, rare fruits in and out of season, were spread in profusion.”

342. “I may be a little duck-crazy, but I’m okay with that.”

343. “Feeling ducky today!”

344. “Duck tales and adventures by the water’s edge.”

345. “When in doubt, duck!” — Donald Duck

346. “Admiring the elegance of ducks in their natural habitat.”

347. “Ducks always make a splash 💦 #DuckFun

348. “A duck will not always dabble in the same gutter.”

349. “Duck kisses and muddy wishes.”

350. “Ducks always find time to float and enjoy the simple things in life.”

351. “Ducks always keep it light 🦆”

352. “Quackin’ and relaxin’!”

353. “Ducks always bring a touch of beauty to the world with their stunning feathers.”

354. “Proud member of the Duck Appreciation Society.”

355. I wish I knew the duck language

356. “Diving into duck tales and stories.”

357. “Did you hear about the time I tried yoga? Let’s just say, it wasn’t pretty!”

358. “I’ll always be your wingman!”

359. “A little bit of Daisy Duck flair in every step I take.”

360. “Duckling adventures: where every moment is precious.”

361. “Living that duck life with style.”

362. “A new duck may be dirty because it soiled itself on the way home…should not be interpreted as a sign of illness. ”

363. “Because human beings suffer so much more than ducks.”

364. “Your love is like a strong current; it carries me away.”

365. “I’m ducking in to say hi!”

366. “Love is like feeding ducks; it’s better when shared.”

367. “Duckling cuteness level: off the charts!”

368. Be resilient to all the competition and difficulties, like Donald duck does.

369. “Feathered fluff and cuddles!”

370. “Who needs a tiara when you have mouse ears?”

371. “Embracing the quirkiness of ducks.”

372. “Who needs luck when you’ve got determination?”

373. “Float like a duck, quack like a boss.”

374. “You've got a (forever) friend in me.”

375. “Always in good company with my feathered friends.”

376. “I’m not clumsy; I’m just embracing gravity!”

377. “I dance like my legs are made of Jell-O. I know, exotic and romantic, right? But my dancing also now comes in Duck Soup Flavor, and is FOR SALE in small, medium, and buffet-style.”

378. “Aw, phooey!” — Donald Duck

379. “You gotta put your heart into it!”

380. “People say I have a one-of-a-kind personality, and you know what? I couldn’t agree more!” –

381. “Rubber duck vibes: simple pleasures and big smiles.”

382. Get close – This will help you fill the frame and capture all the details of your ducks

383. “A duck tastes the same whether they're shot sitting or flying. ”

384. “Admiring my reflection in the serene waters 🦢🌄”

385. “Quackin’ and relaxin’ by the pond.”

386. “Found my Prince Charming.”

387. “When in doubt, let the ducks lead the way.”

388. “No matter how organized your ducks are, life can turn in two seconds. So, you can’t keep on waiting. Because if you keep on waiting, it’s gone.”

389. “In a world full of ducks, be a flamingo.”

390. “Quack, quack, quack! Translation: I’m furious!”

391. “Ducks always know how to bring joy 🦆 #DuckHappiness

392. “Feeling like a duck out of water”

393. “Rubber duckin’ around and having a blast!”

394. “Ducks are one of the smallest types of waterfowl…often the most colorful. ”

395. “When in doubt, quack it out”

396. “Quack your way through life with determination and a positive attitude.”

397. “I may be an adult, but I still love playing with ducks.”

398. “Stay cool and quack on.”

399. “Quack-tastic, just quack-tastic! Can this day get any worse?”

400. “I'm sorry for the ducks; I love foie gras. ”

401. “If you got it, flaunt those feathers! 🦢💃”

402. “Live life with a quack and a smile.”

403. “Bath time buddies: me, bubbles, and my rubber duck.”

404. “Quackin’ it up with my feathered crew.”

405. “Quack, quack, who’s there? 🦆 #DuckPuns

406. “Quack, quack, and away!”

407. “Love is like a dance, and I’m twirling with you.”

408. “Ducks make the world a better place!”

409. “If the world is flooded, it will be easy for the duck.”

410. “Fluffiest feathered friend in town! 🦆❤️”

411. If you don’t know how to quack and you say that you are a Donald duck fan, I would take you as a deceiver.

412. “Just winging it.”

413. “Be bold, be brave, and take the plunge into new adventures!”

414. “Quack if you love adorable ducks as much as I do!”

415. “Quackin’ my way through the day with a dash of Donald charm.”

416. “Ducks make everything better – even Mondays”

417. Never piss off the duck!

418. “You’ve got me quacking with joy; you’re the duck of my dreams.”

419. “Quacking my way through Monday like… 🦆💪”

420. “Ducks are the cutest creatures, always making us smile with their playful ways.”

421. “Squeaky clean moments with my trusty rubber duck.”

422. “Quack-tivating views”

423. “Ducks always know how to keep things light and feathery 🦆”

424. “Life is better with a little bit of duck.”

425. Me and my Donald duck! Need nothing else for a perfect evening

426. ” The drunk replies, “That doesn’t matter, I just want a bowl of soup.”

427. “Duckielicious!”

428. “No matter what happens, I’ll always keep quacking and laughing through it all!”

429. “Quack, quack 🦆”

430. Don’t call me on weekends, I have my appointment with Donald duck

431. “Duck love is recognizable in any language. ”

432. “Ducks make everything better”

433. “It’s not easy being a duck, but they sure make it look cute.”

434. “Ducklings make everything better.”

435. “Ducklings: nature’s little balls of cuteness.”

436. “Quack, quack, hooray! It’s a wonderful day.”

437. “Ducks are always on point”

438. “Birds of a feather stick together!”

439. Love peace, and happiness from Donald and daisy

440. “Finding my happy place, one quack at a time.”

441. “Ducky days 🦆”

442. “A duck’s life is the best life.”

443. “Splish splash, these ducks are stealing my heart!”

444. “He was so benevolent, so merciful a man that, in his mistaken passion, he would have held an umbrella over a duck in a shower of rain.”

445. “Ducks always bring a sense of adventure, never afraid to explore new horizons.”

446. “Quack-tually, ducks are amazing creatures 🦆 #DuckPuns

447. “Waddling through life, one duck moment at a time.”

448. “Be the duck you want to see in the world”

449. “Happiness is a duck’s best accessory.”

450. “Quackin’ and relaxin’ by the water’s edge. #DuckLife #NatureEscape

451. “Just quackin’ around with my feathered friend.”

452. “The best thing about an air sandwich is between the two slices of bread there exists the possibility of flight. And if those two slices of bread are soggy, then you have just created Duck Heaven.”

453. “What is sauce for the goose may be sauce for the gander but is not necessarily sauce for the chicken, the duck, the turkey, or the guinea hen.”

454. “Ducks remind us to paddle through life with grace.”

455. “Duck and cover”

456. “Duck, duck, pose!”

457. “I never give up, no matter how tough it gets.”

458. “Just a ducky day in paradise.”

459. “Ducks are the cutest creatures, waddling their way into our hearts.”

460. “Quack up your life”