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700 Cute Pregnancy Announcement Quotes, Wording And Ideas

1. “We make babies; what’s your superpower?”

2. Can’t find the perfect words, I am pregnant.

3. “Roses are red, violets are blue, on (due date) our little miracle is due.”

4. Hey, my lovely husband, I have Good News for you. We are going to be mom and dad.

5. Since welcoming a new baby is a very happy and delightful movement, so people these days try a quite different way to announce pregnancy on social media like– holding small and cute shoes, clicking the picture of your kid with the line, elder sister, or elder brother, or flaunting the baby bump and so on. But to make your announcement perfect you should add the perfect pregnancy announcement caption for Instagram along with your post.

6. “Twice the blessing, twice the fun—two miracles instead of one.”

7. Pregnancy is getting company inside one’s skin.

8. “Making the decision to have a child – it is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” – Elizabeth Stone

9. Yes, I am clearly pregnant, but if you remind me once more of how huge I have gotten, I am going to eat you.

10. Will you be mine? This could be a nice option if the timing of your baby announcement coincides with Valentine’s Day, but you don’t necessarily need the holiday to implement this idea. For the holiday version, you can send Valentine’s Day cards to your family and friends “from” your baby with messages like “Be my aunt?” or “Will you be my grandma?” If not for Valentine’s Day, you can simply send out messages that are more like proposals such as “Will you be my pop-pop?”

11. There is so much that comes when you are expecting a new baby.

12. Hello baby, I can’t wait to meet you.

13. I’m small but very important.

14. There’s nothing more sweet and tender than a new baby, right?

15. “We had a wish- and two came true!”

16. I do not have a face to see

17. Enough about the ball dropping, how about some jaw dropping – Baby (last name) – due (month) (year)

18. Baby food feeding. Take a photo of you and your partner feeding one another baby food! Make it an especially funny pregnancy announcement idea by wearing bibs and getting the food on your faces. Send it out to family or post on social media and see who figures it out first!

19. One more member is coming to make our family bigger.

20. “Baby shark due, due, due… (your due date).”

21. What’s one more? And then there were 4!

22. Preparing a sibling pregnancy announcement? You’ll love the ideas below!

23. Only child expiring soon!

24. Plate reveal. Entertain your family members with a dinner party and order custom-made plates with a message like “We’re having a baby!” or “You’re going to be a grandfather.” Serve each member their dish and wait for the excitement as the first person finishes their meal!

25. Baby is coming on the way! ETA February 2021

26. “We’re adding a new little pumpkin to our patch!”

27. Pumpkin Spice (via @lilacandlucystudio

28. “Something fantastic is making us glad! We’re changing our names to Mom and Dad.”

29. Varsity Letters: Create your own jackets with iron-on varsity letters. You can even get the new big bro or sis in the mix like @ivadolce.

30. I am already falling in love with the child I am yet to meet.

31. And then there were four. Create T-shirts for you and your partner that read, “And then there were four.” Take a photo of you wearing them while holding a pair of baby shoes and use it as a cute twin pregnancy announcement idea.

32. Real Baby (via @valley_girl_keto

33. “Ten little fingers, ten little toes. With love and grace, our family grows. This precious soul, so sweet and new. This little life, a dream come true.”

34. New year, big news… Baby (last name) – due (month) (year)

35. Fortune cookie message. Have a local bakery make fortune cookies and provide them with little strips of paper bearing messages of your news. On take-out night, pass the cookies around to your loved ones.

36. Team jerseys. Get everyone in your family a jersey with their new title on the back, including you as “Mom” and other family members like “Grandpa,” “Grandma,” “Auntie,” “Uncle,” “Cousin,” etc. Present the jerseys to everyone while you make the big pregnancy announcement and snap a fun family photo.

37. Baby is coming

38. God is good! Blessed again with Baby #3

39. Things You Can Do While Pregnant

40. We are starting a new journey after a few months and in this journey, we will have a new member.

41. Baby Instagram Captions

42. Funny Pregnancy Announcement Captions

43. Thank you for being as excited as us for this baby

44. Our greatest dream has finally come true. (month) baby.

45. Every Woman wants to express that feeling and excitement when she gets pregnant and try to learn how to take care of herself when a woman is pregnant. Now, If you are looking for the best Pregnancy Announcement Captions to express your feelings and excitement then you have come to the right place.

46. Baby in bloom

47. The second time’s a charm! My second baby is coming.

48. You know you want to announce your pregnancy on social media but you’re stuck for what exactly to say. Never fear – below you will find some awesome pregnancy announcement captions that are perfect for every couple!

49. “Everything in our life got a lot sweeter.”

50. Tiacham Baby Boy Funny Bodysuit Pregnancy Announcement Romper Grandm : Tech Family needs

51. Baby on board

52. Family pets. This is a great option for a DIY pregnancy announcement. If you’re a pet lover, you could make your dog or cat a scarf, T-shirt, or sign with the message, “My parents are getting me a tiny human.” This is one of the best pregnancy announcement ideas, as everyone loves a cute pet photo!

53. Valentine’s Day Pregnancy Announcement Captions

54. The joy is overwhelming; sooner or later I will not be able to hide it. I am announcing pregnancy so that we can count together.

55. “We’re about to outnumber mom and dad on (date).” – Perfect if this is your third pregnancy.

56. “Player 1 is ready, player 2 is loading!”

57. Trick or Treat, 2 Tiny Feet (via @_cinthelijah

58. Watch this short video to see how some Pampers Parents chose to announce their pregnancies:

59. But I thought I was your baby

60. “Here we grow again.”

61. Baby # 2 is due!

62. “All ready for my second delivery experience.”

63. Dad/Baby Loading Ts (via Givo Store

64. Click for more info about Christmas Pregnancy Announcement for Social Media Editable | Etsy Canada>

65. Mommy Shark: Or take it to the next level by getting into your new role as Mommy Shark! (source: Hailey Hopkins Photography

66. Pregnancy is truly a blessing from God. I am the luckiest woman who got it.

67. Pregnancy Announcement Caption 7

68. Announce your pregnancy with Funny Pregnancy Announcement Captions.

69. “I’m in love with a human I haven’t met yet.” – Miss Planner

70. Grandchildren are the crown of the aged, and the glory of children is their fathers.

71. “Worth every shot.”

72. I declare pregnancy!

73. A baby fills a place in your heart that you never knew was empty.

74. “We’re adding one more to our family in a few months.”

75. Sibling’s new best friend. A second pregnancy means your little one is getting a new bestie! Design a T-shirt or write something on a chalkboard announcing the arrival of your child’s "new best friend."

76. “When you become a mother, you stop being the picture and start being the frame.”

77. Birth is about making mothers strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.

78. We figured that since the kids are sleeping through the night, all heading off to school in the fall, and we got rid of absolutely every baby thing we own for the 2nd time… we might as well start all over again! Baby #4 coming in (month).

79. Yes I am clearly pregnant, but if you remind me once more of how huge I have gotten, I am going to eat you Netflix and baby clicks

80. We are expecting the baby to arrive any time soon, everything is in place.

81. Print a t-shirt to announce your pregnancy.

82. If you’re looking for holiday or season-specific pregnancy announcements, check out the ideas below.

83. Big brother body guards on duty starting on (baby’s due date)!

84. “It’s time to add another branch to our family tree. We’ll be needing an extra bed for a special bundle of joy. I’m pregnant!”

85. “I made a wish and it came true… Mommy’s due with Baby #2.”

86. “Guard dog duty begins (your due date).”

87. “Adding a baby multiplies love. If we did the math right then ours is due on [date].”

88. The responsible woman in me is budgeting for groceries. The pregnant woman is going ‘Oooo! Chocolate Cake!’

89. “I’m being promoted to big brother/sister on (date).”

90. All the pain and uncomfort that a mom to be feels with all the pregnancy symptoms disappears when the baby kicks for the first time, that feeling is the best part of pregnancy.

91. “First came love then came you.”

92. New swag, It’s just pregnancy.

93. Promoted to big sister/brother (another lovely quote to come from a sibling).

94. Here We Grow Again (via @djcalical

95. The Gassy Breastfed Baby- 7 Causes And 5 Solutions

96. Our child is kicking on my belly.

97. What’s a…?: Play off your younger children’s sweet innocence with this cute sign that has them wondering, “what’s a brother/sister?” (via @jassagarrett

98. “Bun in the oven. Baking until (month, year).”

99. Party of… (via @blankfamilyadventure

100. Congratulations mama! Pregnancy is such an exciting time and one of most fun things is telling everyone the great news! If you are stuck with what to say, we have over 100 Instagram pregnancy announcement captions for you to tell the world you’re expecting!

101. Congratulations, my love. We’re expecting a child, and you’ll make an excellent father. Our baby is extremely fortunate to have you.

102. It’s a journey from bump to baby.

103. We’ll soon figure out how to survive without getting enough sleep for days, weeks, and maybe even months. Our little alarm clock is coming.

104. You can announce your pregnancy with pregnancy announcement cards.

105. A sweet message. For sharing your news with coworkers, you could bring in a box of doughnuts, cupcakes, or muffins with the news written on a tag or spelled out in frosting.

106. Can’t wait to hold him in my hands, on [due date] our baby is arriving.

107. “After every storm, there comes a rainbow.”

108. Baby on board.

109. Easter Basket (via @amberyanovichphotography

110. There are many ways of announcing pregnancy. Some families even invite friends and family to the pregnancy announcement party. The protagonist will also screen pregnancy subtitles in advance, and customize stickers, labels, pins, and other souvenirs for friends. They enjoy sharing happy moments. Many people will use bulk custom stickers and Customizable Lapel Pins.

111. “Get ready for some big changes, our new baby is on the way!”

112. “Growing my own lucky clover.”

113. Some mothers have posted pregnancy announcements along with all of the injection needles used in an IVF round.

114. Not every pregnancy is easy, but every pregnancy is beautiful.

115. It has been my dream, my heart is filled with happiness, and it is now at peace because I am expecting a baby boy. I can’t wait to hold him in my arms.

116. Word game tiles. Display your pregnancy reveal on a word game tile holder! Gather all the letters you’ll need for your message and post or send a photo revealing the news. You could have “We’re pregnant!” or “baby on the way” as your announcement.

117. Converse + birth year (via Stay Glam

118. “We have some spooktacular news! We’re expecting baby #2.”

119. You can stop asking when we’re going to have a baby now…

120. Mom/Dad Hats: Let your head do the talking with these cute “Mom” and “Dad” hats (via @_peruvianusa_. . We also love these collegiate ones from Little and Bee on Etsy.

121. The following list is typically the order in which people announce their pregnancies to their family, friends, and acquaintances. This can provide ideas of whom to notify and some common ways to do it:

122. Making a pregnancy announcement is a once in a lifetime experience, especially for the new parents. Any pregnancy announcement is special though whether it’s your second, third, or so forth. If you’re browsing for unique ideas to announce your pregnancy, continue reading.

123. I’m glad to announce that I’m going to be a mother.

124. You’ve got a friend in me (great caption for a sibling).


126. Plants: This clever idea shows how your baby will be growing, just like your favorite plants. (via @blessencephotography and My Well Loved Life

127. ….. (Your child’s name) has been promoted to big brother.

128. Our family wasn’t quite complete until we had two more tiny baby feet.

129. Check out these milestone cards for pregnancy that you can include in your baby bump photos to keep track of where you’re at in your pregnancy!

130. “We got more than one turkey cooking in the oven this year.” (Picture of you and your partner with ultrasound pictures or a baby item.)

131. “One more reason to be thankful this year”

132. Summertime and the living’s easy, new baby makes three!

133. RELATED: 50+ Gracious Baby Names That Mean Gift From God

134. Belly Shadow: Use the Clone Stamp tool in Photoshop to have your shadow reveal your pregnancy. So creative! (via Like Mother Like Daughter

135. Nauseous. Tired. Can’t Sleep. Terrified. Thrilled. Pregnant. #pregnant

136. “We just found out we’re getting the 2-for-1 special!”

137. We are adding a high chair to our desk.

138. “A new chapter starts.”

139. little baby twins lying on the bed

140. Heaven has smiled down on us.

141. Mugs: These custom mugs reveal your new names to family and friends…Mom & Dad! (via Ashley Fisher Photography

142. Mic Drop: These cool family shirts from KaAns Designs tell everyone that the final “Mic Drop” is on its way!

143. This is one doodle that can’t be undid, homeskillet!- a quote from the movie Juno

144. Our little sweet child makes us a family of three.

145. For example, you might want to tell your partner first, especially if you're experiencing any early signs of pregnancy. Parents typically come next, but choosing when to tell your parents you’re pregnant may depend on how you plan to share the news. Other family members and best friends are usually next in line, but you may wait to share the news with your colleagues and wider circle of friends and acquaintances.

146. I can’t imagine the blessing as you lead this family. I am glad our baby is part of the line.

147. Honey, my clothes are getting tighter. It’s not fat. It’s the baby growing inside.

148. Finding out you’re pregnant might be one of the most thrilling times in your life! Sharing the news with your partner, family, friends, and colleagues will be a very special moment, so you may be on the hunt for some top-notch pregnancy announcement ideas. Read on to find out when and how to announce your pregnancy and to discover some creative, cute, and funny ways to share the big news.

149. “Eating cookings for 2 this year.”

150. Soon our home will be full of guests and all because of happiness that will be it in. we are expecting a baby.

151. Captions for Pregnancy Announcement

152. Every troublemaker needs a partner in crime!

153. Baby round 2 coming in hot!

154. Survival kits. A new baby is a lovable new challenge! A fun pregnancy announcement idea for partners, parents, grandparents, or other family members (like soon-to-be aunts and uncles) is to create “survival kits” for them. Things to include are custom-made T-shirts with “Dad” or “Auntie” on them, baby essentials like pacifiers, chocolate bars for surviving late nights, and a baby book.

155. Ideas for a Second or Third Baby Announcement

156. We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.

157. Here you get lots of Captions for Pregnancy announcements and funny language that you can use to announce your pregnancy on social media as a Pregnancy Announcement caption.

158. Jumping for joy: This cute version has one parent jumping in the background while holding the balloon. (via @carlasearcyphotography

159. After every storm there is a rainbow.

160. The third group is the so-called “late announcers.” There are different feelings upon knowing about the pregnancy. Some mothers or fathers are not yet unsure of their feelings about becoming a parent. Often, it takes time to absorb the new norm. Late announcers are likely to give chances of adjusting themselves. Although there some parents that do not want to pressure themselves and stay calm.

161. Please be healthy as you will be babysitting soon, dad!

162. I am pregnant for the second time. My first baby is excited about his brother.

163. I’m in love with a human I haven’t met yet.

164. “I declare PREGNANCY!” (Only die-hard fans of “The Office” will get this one…)

165. Oversized chalk board: Draw what’s inside and hold it up for a fun and creative reveal. (via bored panda

166. Cute Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

167. The minute we find out we’re pregnant is the moment we fall in love with our baby we haven’t met yet!

168. The best things in life are always not revealed very fast. They come in small packages filled with joy and love. We are so happy to announce the arrival of our baby boy.

169. Pregnancy is when you are officially allowed to swear and curse at your husband and blame it all on hormones.

170. “With every newborn baby, a little sun rises.” – Irmgard Erath

171. Pregnancy Announcement Text Messages to Friends


173. “Pregnancy is all about balance. That’s why I’ve got a chicken nugget in each hand. Eating for 2! That’s right we’re expecting a baby!”

174. This new year, a new adventure is about to begin.

175. “We are pregnant and we couldn’t be more excited! We decided it was time to add a new entertainer to our family!”

176. Sparkler Due Date (source unknown

177. Rubber duckies. Here's a unique way to announce your pregnancy that's also very simple. Take a photo of you and your partner with lots of adorable rubber duckies floating around you, such as while sitting on a dock or next to a blowup pool (just make sure the rubber duckies don’t float away if you’re out in nature!). These cute yellow ducks are synonymous with babies, so your family and friends will surely pick up on the message.

178. A beautiful surprise is on the way for me and my family.!

179. Parents and immediate family. Every situation is unique, but you might like to share your news with your kids, parents, and your partner's parents—the soon-to-be grandparents—next and likely in person. A pregnancy announcement to your kids might be first, followed by parents, siblings, and close relatives. Of course, if relatives happen to live far away, you can arrange a virtual baby announcement.

180. Two tiny hands, two tiny feet


182. Easter Pregnancy Announcement Captions

183. Best Ideas for New Baby Wishes

184. “Baby is loading up for (due date).”

185. Spread the buzz with coffee cups. Coffee lovers, this one’s for you! Assemble a display of paper coffee cups from your favorite coffee shop. Two big ones represent you and your partner, and a smaller espresso cup represents your baby. Take a photo and share! Your followers will love your new “babyccino.”

186. “And then there were three.”

187. If you are too excited and cannot hold your joy to let everyone know that a baby is coming, then you are an early bird announcer. Some families choose to announce at 12 weeks, since that marks the end of the first trimester and most expectant mothers will have had their first ultrasound.

188. “Surprise! We’re Expecting!”

189. “Not a waddle. Just pregnancy swag.”

190. We love that a simple piece of chalk can take your pregnancy announcement to the next level of fun and creativity. Whether you use your driveway, or a chalkboard, it’s a great way to surprise everyone with the exciting news.

191. We wished upon a star

192. Little Nugget: If you have a favorite fast food restaurant, incorporate it into your big reveal with an “our little nugget” onesie! (via

193. We are just a few months away from receiving the best gift ever in our life. My husband is so happy. Come let’s welcome the baby together.

194. You don’t have to be a first-time mom to make a big splash with your baby announcement – in fact, many of the funniest and sweetest pregnancy announcements include older siblings. Whether it’s an only child getting “promoted” to Big Brother or Big Sister, or your whole crew sharing in the joy or surprise, revealing the baby news with them involved makes it that much more special.

195. I have never felt this much happier before. Congratulate me as I am going to be a mom soon.

196. Excited as can be to announce baby number 3.

197. You can stop asking now for a baby because of my pregnancy.

198. Twin Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

199. Oops, we did it again!… Baby coming …… (due date).

200. “There’s nothing like a brand new pair of genes. That’s right, we are expecting a baby. Celebrate with us on (due date).”


202. Pregnancy Announcement Poems

203. Read: When WILL My Pregnancy Start To Show?

204. “We are pregnant! Don’t cry for us. We did it on purpose.”

205. “Love is in the air, and we have new to share.”

206. The first trimester. You can announce your pregnancy whenever you want, but it’s common to wait until you're through the first trimester. Many expectant parents feel it’s safer to share their news at this time, as the risk of miscarriage is lower.

207. You can announce a baby by sharing Pregnancy Announcement Captions on your social media. Also, you can announce your baby by posting your baby photos, by posting your pregnancy photos.

208. Holding it out: This sweet pose gets even sweeter with a hand-made heart on the belly. (via @estour_

209. “We’re expecting a wee little one.”

210. “We have decided that we no longer want to sleep, have time to ourselves, or live in a clean house. I’m pregnant!”

211. “The wild times have just begun. Here is our new little bun.”

212. Best Year Yet (via Milestone Post

213. Children’s book giving. Invite your family over and present each family member with a children’s book. Preface the giving by telling them they’re each getting one of your favorite books from childhood and that they need to practice reading it. Why? Surprise—you’re pregnant!

214. Dreams do come true.

215. “We are pleased to announce that due to hard work and a good attitude we will be promoting our youngest son to big brother.”

216. In (month) we will be pushing a baby carriage.

217. “Cat’s out of the bag. We’re expecting a little girl/little boy in (date).”

218. Announcing you're pregnant is probably the next most exciting thing after finding out you're pregnant. Deciding when to announce your pregnancy is a personal choice, but it partly depends on who you're telling.

219. “Out of difficulties, we grow rainbows – Jean de la Bruyere.”

220. Expecting our rainbow baby (birth month and year).

221. A grand adventure is about to begin… in (baby’s due month and year).

222. Being pregnant means every day is another day closer to meeting the other love of my life.

223. With blocks: Grab some classic alphabet blocks and spell out B-A-B-Y! (via Perfectly Beautiful Things

224. One more reason to be thankful this year – baby (last name) (month) (year)

225. No Trick, Just a Treat letterboard (via Irene Template

226. “The best gifts aren’t under the Christmas tree. Say hello to baby number 3.”

227. What gets a shower but doesn’t get wet?

228. New best friend, set to arrive (month) (year) Baby (name)

229. “Have you heard the buzz? Our little honey is coming (due date).”

230. A message board. For something elegant, ask a graphic designer to create an image (or create one yourself) that says something like “We’re having a baby!” or “The adventure begins on [fill in the due date]!” or “Our family is growing.” You can size this pregnancy announcement to work with Facebook banners or on Instagram stories.

231. “At one glance I loved you with a thousand hearts.” – Mihri Hatun

232. There is nothing more exciting than new baby to add to a family. It’s so exciting for couples to know that they are expecting, and the other joy would be sharing the news with loved ones.

233. “Sentence to brother/sisterhood on (due date).”

234. Career-themed puns. Create a baby announcement related to your career. For example, if you and your partner are in tech, you can make personalized T-shirts that say “loading…” to represent your littlest techie who’s busy developing in your baby bump!

235. I’ve got the scoop – Mommy’s due with baby #2

236. We are no longer trying to get pregnant, the efforts are already successful.

237. Click for more info about Giant Big Brother Balloon With Blue Tassels Baby Shower | Etsy Canada>

238. “The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.” – Audrey Hepburn

239. New members are coming to our family to increase our happiness

240. Holding Large Numbers: Cut out large numbers and have your kids hold them…with you holding up the last one against your growing belly. (via @thesouthernishmama

241. St. Patrick’s Day Pregnancy Announcement Captions

242. “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

243. Our coming baby makes our family three.

244. Pregnancy Announcement Message

245. Whether you’re looking for a creative baby announcement to tell close friends and family about your new addition, or a unique way to make the official announcement to the whole world on social media, we’ve got you covered with over 100 cute pregnancy announcement ideas to spread the exciting news!

246. Sports ball belly bump. Sports fans will surely enjoy this cool and unique pregnancy announcement idea! Get a custom-made T-shirt that looks like your favorite sport ball and put it on. As it stretches over your belly, it will take the shape of a basketball, baseball, volleyball, etc.! Then, take a photo and send it off!

247. “Santa’s bringing us the best gift ever! Unwrapping on (due date).”

248. “The more, the merrier.”

249. Are you revealing your pregnancy this Halloween? Below are some fun captions for your fall pregnancy announcement!

250. Extended family. Consider delivering your pregnancy announcement to extended family members (such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins) either in person, on a video chat, or with a card.

251. “I’m so crafty that I make people.”

252. Soon going to announce your pregnancy? Check out the best pregnancy announcement riddles and poems.

253. Say hello to my little friend” – quote from Scarface

254. Pregnancy Test: Use a positive pregnancy test to share the news – either with a funny reveal (via A. O’Brien Photography. or a sweet kiss (via @sosageblog

255. “We welcome our second bundle of joy!”

256. Custom Signs: Grab some custom signs off Etsy to hang around your pet’s neck, like “promoted to guard dog” or your due date. We love the selection from ZCDGifts.

257. You are so ready to celebrate your pregnancy, and the people you love want to celebrate your miracle with you.

258. “More laundry expected from [due date].”

259. Last One: If you think you’ve finally completed your family, why not put a humorous spin on your announcement? (via @eelly.rios

260. We have been waiting for this day for so long. We are happy to announce that we are expecting a baby.

261. Babyjoyjoy is reader supported. If you use a link on our website to make a purchase, we may earn an affiliate commission. This does not incur any additional cost to you.

262. Writing on Feet: If your child can withstand the tickling, write the message on the bottom of their feet! (source unknown

263. “On (due date), we’ll be popping bottles of a different kind! We’re expecting a baby!”

264. Best Pregnancy Announcement Caption

265. You’ve got a friend in me: Your current child is getting a new friend, and this message makes it quite literal! (via Anita Laura Art

266. This is the day we both have been waiting for so long. We are so glad right now to let you know that we are expecting a baby. Pray for us!

267. “Everything grows rounder and wider and weirder, and I sit here in the middle of it all and wonder who in the world you will turn out to be.” – Carrie Fisher

268. Big Brother/Sister Book: Your pet may not be able to read, but this funny pregnancy announcement has them studying a “how to be a big brother/sister book”! (via @jojoowildinterior

269. You can have a lot of fun announcing a pregnancy when you already have kids.

270. “We’re gonna need a bigger car.”

271. Summer Pregnancy Announcement Captions

272. Pair with a Sign: Pair a sweet onesie with a sign, ultrasound photo and cute baby accessories! (via @xoxomissjay

273. Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.

274. “And a baby makes three.”

275. Not all valentines are delivered in February, Baby (Insert Last Name) arriving February (Year)

276. Bun in the Oven: This literal take on the classic saying can be a fun way to reveal your pregnancy:

277. We’re so full of glee. Our family’s gonna be three.

278. Little little, big little. Another siblings T-shirt idea, this pregnancy announcement requires custom-made shirts and works for the second or third baby. If you’re having a second baby, your current child will wear a “Big Little” shirt, and you can hold an infant jumpsuit that reads “Little Little.” If you’re having a third baby, your oldest will wear “Big Little” and your youngest “Medium Little,” and you can hold a jumpsuit that reads “Little Little.”


280. “We are so egg-cited to say that there’s a new baby on the way.”

281. Ultrasound photo. Many parents-to-be enjoy using their first ultrasound photo to reveal the exciting news. There are many ways to show it off, so use your creativity here! For a classic pregnancy announcement idea, simply hold up the ultrasound photo across your belly or toward the camera so it’s in the foreground.

282. If you want some ideas for how to style your pregnancy reveal, make sure to check out our list of over 300 + Pregnancy Announcement Ideas.

283. Many parents are waiting for the first trimester (around 13 weeks). But it is not naserray. You can announce your pregnancy after your pregnancy symptom and doctor’s confirmations.

284. Numbered chalkboards. Line up your family by age, with each member holding a chalkboard. The oldest gets no. 1, and the new baby gets the final number. If your youngest can’t hold two chalkboards, prop it up next to them. Snap a photo and share!

285. “I’m giving up things like lunch meat, caffeine, sushi and alcohol for 9 months.”

286. Sticky Bun: Make it more modern by using a sticky bun and scripted card. (via @andi_byletrasbonitas

287. Everybody leaves me alone. I’ve had a busy day being pregnant and I have to do it again tomorrow.

288. First came love, then came you.

289. “Mom and Dad are getting us a human!” (with a picture of your fur baby for a first child announcement).

290. Everything’s better in pairs. Buy two pairs of baby booties and have a friend take a photo of you and your partner holding them, hinting at what’s to come. You can also use this photo on your pregnancy announcement card if you choose to send one.

291. Creative Baby Shower Invitation Wording Samples For A Boy

292. Check out more here: Pregnancy Announcement Poems

293. “I love you with all my belly. I would say heart, but my belly is bigger.”

294. Baby Pumpkin Inside (source unknown

295. Super excited to buy new baby toys and stuff

296. Creative Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

297. Social Media Pregnancy Announcement Wordings

298. “Oops, we did it again! Baby number two is arriving this [month]!”

299. “Bun in the oven and burgers on the grill – the baby bump made me do it!”

300. Bringing a new life into the world is truly magical. Use this selection of baby announcement captions to perfectly describe how you are feeling to your loved ones. Hopefully, you’ve taken some beautiful photos that you’re ready to share with the world.

301. Time to spill the beans… baby #2 is brewing (month) (year)

302. Are you planning a Christmas pregnancy announcements? Here are some festive instagram captions for your post!

303. Time to Spill the Beans: Pour pink and blue jelly beans across your letterboard to create this super sweet letterboard photo. (via @chloenowmummy

304. Instagram Pregnancy Announcement Captions For Siblings

305. Whole family with kids holding balloons (via @missaliss22

306. Oh baby, we’re having a baby!

307. The More the Merrier (via @lindseyshooter

308. Pregnancy announcement wording

309. “Twins. Twice the love, half the sleep!”

310. Hello friends, I cant wait to announce that a baby is coming soon.

311. Baby Sprinkle Ideas

312. Just remember that there’s no right or wrong way to announce your pregnancy.

313. It was all fun and games until I got pregnant.

314. Super tired, super hungry, super pregnant

315. White Dog + Coming Soon sign (via @lulu_thesamoyed

316. Closest friends. You might like to share a pregnancy announcement with your best friends individually (in person or virtually) or together at a group lunch where you surprise them all at once.

317. Bicycle and tricycle. This pregnancy announcement idea has it all—it’s cute, unique, creative, and fun! You have a few options, but the idea is that you and/or your partner are riding bikes, either one bike, two bikes, or a tandem bicycle. Behind you, place a cute little tricycle to show that you have a baby on the way.


319. If your family or friends live far away, don’t forget that we’re in the digital age—you can still have lots of fun with a virtual pregnancy announcement! Plan a virtual call with your family and/or friends and use the pregnancy reveal ideas below to surprise them.

320. “Somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.”

321. Pregnancy Announcement ideas

322. Springtime is for fun. Summer is forrad. The first time We will be a Mom and Dad.

323. Pose as a math equation. Another clever pregnancy announcement post is creating a math equation to reveal the news. Have a wall or backdrop prepped with a giant plus sign, an equal sign, and the number “3.” Insert yourself and your partner on either side of the plus sign and have a friend take the picture. If you’re pregnant with multiples or already have children, simply adjust the number of your total.


325. When should you announce your pregnancy on social media?

326. The benefit of being pregnant is that you can eat as much as you want, even as your tummy grows larger. I’m having a great time on this adventure!

327. PIN for when you’re looking for creative pregnancy announcement ideas

328. Hang Numbers: Alternatively, hang the numbers on the wall above your kids like @ArielCTyson did for her big reveal.

329. Seasonal jumpsuit. Pregnancy announcements can take place on certain holidays or, of course, within a specific season. You can play up the time of the year by decorating a baby jumpsuit or positioning seasonal items around a plain white jumpsuit. Think of a beach ball, ice pops, and sandals for summer, or snow, greenery, and wool hats for winter. Or for a New Year’s pregnancy announcement, try a little DIY and write something like “a tiny resolution” on the jumpsuit!

330. I am getting company inside me, I am pregnant.

331. Baby number 2 is on the way.

332. Coffee Cups: Take your Starbucks obsession to the next level by labeling Venti, Grande and Tall sized cups! (via Your Tango

333. Roses are red

334. “Can’t wait to meet our new little bundle of joy!”

335. “1 More to Adore”

336. You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance.

337. Things To Do Before Baby Arrives- Checklist Printable Included! |

338. “Our little pumpkin. Coming (due date).”

339. Many of the pregnancy announcement ideas above can easily be shared online over social media, especially the ones that include taking a photo of the reveal. However, we included the following ideas specifically for social sharing:

340. Check out more pregnancy announcement riddles here!

341. Blindfolded take-the-hint game. This funny pregnancy announcement game involves blindfolding your parents and having them attempt to tie their shoelaces. After they complete the first pair, swap out the other pair with baby shoes and see if they get the hint! Film the moment to capture their reaction.

342. Big Brother/Sister Book: Capture your big kid looking at the book “I Am a Big Brother” or “I Am a Big Sister” and let your family and friends put two and two together! (via Caffeine & Cuddles

343. You are here: Home / Instagram Captions / 175+ Pregnancy Announcement Captions for Instagram 2023

344. Ultrasound with Candy Hearts (via Caitlin Houston Blog

345. When to Announce Your Pregnancy

346. “Started dating (date). Got married (date). Became mom and dad (date).”

347. “It’s all fun and games until somebody gets pregnant!”

348. Player 3 has entered the game.

349. Pregnancy Announcement Caption

350. Pregnancy riddle. Get creative with this virtual pregnancy announcement idea by presenting your audience with a series of riddles. Prepare a few that reveal different baby items, and then in the final riddle disclose that you’re pregnant! If you’re into these puzzles, make them fun and a bit tricky but easy enough to solve for your friends and family.

351. She’s having cravings, and I’m checking our savings. Looks like a baby’s on the way.


353. “I tested positive, but not for COVID…”

354. I’ve Got the Scoop: Now this is a photo your big kid will be happy to smile for! Set up this custom “I’ve got the Scoop sign” (available here on Etsy. and give them an ice cream cone to enjoy. Easy Peasy! (via Printable Candee

355. “Tiny human arriving in (expected birth month).”

356. “Winnie, I smell a child. Due (due date).”

357. “One is great, two is fun, so why not add another one?”

358. Below is an adorable baby caption to announce your pregnancy.

359. I am happy, healthy… and pregnant!

360. You can announce your pregnancy by positioning a Pregnancy Announcement Caption on social media.

361. Happiness is on the way.

362. Baby is loading up for (due date).

363. The cat is out of the bag – Baby (last name) due (month) (year)

364. “Pink or blue? Either will do! Mommy’s expecting #2!”

365. Predict your baby's gender!

366. “Need prayers for my second baby coming soon…”

367. Mood swings are at their best as I go through the incredible journey of pregnancy. So, don’t blame me if I’m being weird and mean to you. it’s all for the sweet pregnancy!

368. “We’re going to need a bigger car.”

369. “Who knew that such small feet could leave such big imprints on your heart.”

370. Family campout. If you and your family enjoy camping, craft a cute and creative photoshoot at a campsite. Set up your tent, get the fire going, roast marshmallows, and hang some twinkle lights. Then, put a mini tent next to you! You can find tutorials online making these little tents with just a wire hanger and a T-shirt.

371. “We’re adding a new little pumpkin to our patch on (due date).”

372. HIP HIP HOORAY, Another best friend is on the way.

373. That’s why we’ve scoured the web for the absolute best, most creative pregnancy announcement ideas, and put them all into one place. We’ve even categorized them, so if you have a specific idea in mind, you can scroll right to that category. They include, pregnancy announcements with:

374. “New tax deduction coming (due date).“

375. Pregnancy Announcement Sayings for Family with Boys Expecting a Girl

376. We are a few months away from receiving the greatest gift of our lives. Come share in our joy as we plan the best baby shower ever.

377. Snow flakes and hot chocolate

378. “Our family wasn’t quite complete until we added 2 more little feet.”

379. “To be pregnant is to be vitally alive, thoroughly woman, and distressingly inhabited. Soul and spirit are stretched – along with body – making pregnancy a time of transition, growth, and profound beginnings.” – Anne Christian Buchanan

380. We are happy to announce that someone is joining us who will make us a proud family of three.

381. “We love big bumps and we cannot lie!”

382. The bloodline will continue to flow. A new baby will be coming soon.

383. Best Pregnancy Announcement Messages

384. If you have noticed a glow on our faces, it’s because we are dreaming of a life with our baby who is due [date].

385. “Jingle bells jingle bells, jingle all the way. Oh, what fun it is to say a baby is on the way.”

386. We’re making room for one more!

387. “Baby under construction until (due date).”

388. Wine Glass: For the wine loving couple, this funny pregnancy announcement makes light of the 9-months of no drinking until baby arrives! (source unknown

389. I’m patiently waiting on the day my back hurts, my feet are swollen, and i walk like a duck.

390. Pregnancy Announcement Instagram Captions for Dads

391. Pregnancy – the roller coaster ride which has no seat belts. I’m enjoying the ride.

392. I’m growing a person inside me very carefully.

393. “Baby” Balloon: One simple word is all you need to get your message across loud and clear: baby!

394. Best Pregnancy Announcement Instagram Captions

395. Baseballs: Sports fans? Write your due date on baseballs (or match to your sport of choice. and display them for the camera. (via Brooke Kelly Photography

396. A grand adventure is about to begin… in (birth month and year) –Inspired by Winnie the Pooh

397. Like newborn infants, long for the pure spiritual milk, that by it you may grow up into salvation.

398. Baby in bloom 🌻

399. Creative Baby Shower Invitation Wording Ideas For A Girl

400. Siblings photo op. Sibling pregnancy announcements are always a cute idea, especially when they involve signs with adorable messages. If you already have children in your family, you could ask them to hold a sign saying, “Sibling tie-breaker coming on [add your due date].” If you’re unsure of your due date, check out our Due Date Calculator.

401. And then there were three… (your due date)

402. But this is not only a special moment for this pregnant woman, but this is also a very special moment for the pregnant women’s husband and her family. All are very excited to welcome a newborn baby. A lot of excitement at home for a new member.

403. Bump Ahead: Use a road sign to say it all! Find a “Bump Ahead” sign like this one from Rose Rock Photography, or a Bump in the road like @courtcourtmuva.

404. “Like stars are to the sky, so are the children to our world.” – Chinonye J. Chidolue

405. Storytime. You’ll need help from the pros for this baby announcement idea. Grab your favorite children’s book and tweak the story a bit. Start to read it to your virtual audience, but after a few pages, begin to tell the new story, which ends with revealing your pregnancy!

406. Roses are red, violets are blue, we’re expecting, baby #2

407. Please don’t feel old, have fun babysitting soon

408. Baby clothes lineup. Take a photo of two pairs of baby clothes, either lined up on a surface or hanging from a clothesline. If you know the gender of your twins, you can use traditional colors like blue and pink. Otherwise, feel free to use any colors you want; just make sure there are pairs of everything to make it clear you’re having twins.

409. “From fur mama to baby mama.”

410. Two feet are growing for increasing our family members.

411. “We have two more reasons to celebrate this year!”

412. I cough, therefore I pee.

413. New Best Friend: This darling sign tells the world that a new friend is coming for your child. (via Pinterest source unknown

414. Going batty for our new baby!

415. Precautions were taken, no plans were made, but life is full of surprises, and life found a way….

416. Baby Mackay, although you are still tiny now, you’re easily our biggest blessing yet!

417. I am not fat, I am pregnant. #newmom

418. “We are beyond blessed to be expanding our family and welcoming a new baby!”

419. The bundle of joy is on its way, it is full of happiness and joy. I am pregnant.

420. Gone fishing. Head out on a photo shoot with you and your partner or friends and bring fishing poles. Sit down by a pond, lake, or river and pose as you “catch” your ultrasound photo or something that indicates a baby is on the way, such as a little sock or baby hat!

421. Baby has entered the chat

422. Sometimes, you want to set yourself apart from the crowd and craft a baby announcement that’s different. To put a unique or creative spin on your pregnancy reveal, we’ve included the following ideas that you can use to post on social media or present to your family and friends in a card or email:

423. Sneakers & heels (via @doublem_yzg

424. “So many good things come in pairs, like ears, socks, and panda bears. But, best of all are the set of twins, with extra laughter, and double the smiles.”

425. Not fat just… PREGNANT!”

426. Pregnancy Announcement Wording Ideas For Your New Baby


428. Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy to Family in Person

429. Ice, Ice Baby: Let the Vanilla Ice song help guide your photoshoot. All you needs is 2 big bags of ice! (source unknown

430. Our secret is in the sauce (with a picture of a jar of Prego spaghetti sauce).

431. Pregnancy Announcement Captions for a Rainbow Baby

432. It’s that time that we can’t hold the news any longer, we are expecting a baby, but we will wait for it to be a surprise to know if it’s a boy or girl. The expected due date is [date]

433. Baby Jacket: Alternatively, hold up a mini-sized leather jacket with “baby” on the back! (via @janeemcclain. . We found these cute custom painted ones from Once Upon A Lauren on Etsy. Or go with these personalized varsity style jean jackets from Shop Silver Stars.

434. Baby, You’re a firework!!

435. We hope that you have found something that you love amongst this selection. A huge CONGRATULATIONS from Smilebox on this wonderful news. We would love to help you spread the word. Take a look at the Smilebox Pregnancy Announcement Maker and reveal your exciting news in a classy way.

436. Our little sweet prince or princess makes us a family of three.

437. Lying on bed: We love the set-up of this shot, lying side-by-side holding hands. (via flicksbysarah

438. “Our dogs wanted a little friend.”

439. Stop Asking: For those whose parents and friends have been asking for a while…this letter board message will finally put the question to rest. (via @kimzie_

440. No more silent nights – Baby (last name) due (month) (year)

441. Believe in what you see, our baby will come dressed in blue. I am pregnant.

442. Explosive News (via @christinewood

443. You + me = three.

444. What do a chef who’s baking a dinner roll and I have in common?

445. “What’s one more?”

446. Big Brother/Sister Bandana: Tie an adorable bandana around your pet’s neck to spread the exciting news (via @kelseykimberlinphoto and @mariaclaire_photograph. . Etsy has a great selection of custom options to browse.

447. Travel Themed Pregnancy Announcement Captions

448. Love this bump and all those wiggles.

449. “Baking a little cutie pie.”

450. “Kick or treat. Baby coming (due date)!”

451. “We have some paw-fect news! Baby (last name) is coming (due date)!”

452. Which pregnancy announcement idea did you choose? Let us know in the comments below!

453. I am happy to announce that I am pregnant now. Our baby is coming soon.

454. Hands and baby shoes. Hold hands with your partner while you each dangle a baby shoe on your finger. Get a photo of just your hands and the baby shoes and post it online.

455. “You can stop asking when we’re going to have a baby now…”

456. Baby backpack. This funny pregnancy announcement idea is perfect if you love the great outdoors. You and your partner can stuff your hiking packs and put them on, then hold a small backpack. Post on your socials or send it to family and friends! Cute ideas for pregnancy announcement captions could be “conquering a new mountain” or “on a new adventure.”

457. O’ Baby, We got lucky this year!

458. Oops, I did it again.

459. How can I share my pregnancy news?

460. Pregnancy announcement games. Organize a fun game night for this baby announcement idea! To share your big news, you’ll want to choose a guessing game or something that’s interactive. Whether you choose charades, guess who, or 20 questions, one of the answers should be “We’re having a baby!”

461. I’m so adorable, my parents decided to make another one!

462. “Could our lives get any crazier? We’re about to find out – baby number two is on the way!”

463. “Our baby is already holding us by the heart. We can’t wait to meet him/her!”

464. Growing by 2 Feet: This cute sign is the perfect accompaniment to a teeny tiny set of baby shoes. (via MamaBee

465. “We’re adding a high chair to our table for two.”

466. “No one ever wanted anything more than we wanted you.”

467. “You + me = three”

468. Writing on Bellies: Grab a (washable!. marker and write out B-A-B-Y on those cute little bellies (yours included!

469. Scratch-off tickets. This is a fun one for a virtual pregnancy announcement idea, but it requires a bit of prep. First, you’ll need to order custom-made scratch-off cards that reveal your message. If you choose something like “We’re having a baby!” you’ll need four cards, one with each word. Then, mail the cards to everyone participating in your virtual call. Instruct your family and friends to scratch the cards together to reveal the surprise news.

470. We have a secret in our culture, and it’s not that birth is painful. It’s that women are strong.


472. T-shirt surprise. Once again, this baby announcement idea will surprise your audience with a message on your tummy, but your partner can also take part in the fun. Get T-shirts that say something like “Mom” and “Dad” so when you stand up, your friends and family will see that you’re about to become new parents!

473. “From the moment I knew you were growing inside of me; I have loved you.”

474. We are searching for the perfect baby name.

475. This is the day we both had been waiting for so long. We are so glad right now to let you know that we are expecting a baby. Pray for us!

476. You get lots of ways to announce your pregnancy. But from those many ways, I will give here the best 5 ways to announce your pregnancy-

477. “Coming in for a landing on (due date).”

478. Little hero in the making – Baby (last name) arriving (month) (year)

479. What is the unique way to announce pregnancy?

480. I can’t wait til I meet you. (perfect to announce pregnancy to grandparents)

481. We’ve been keeping a little secret. Baby (last name) arriving (month) (year).

482. Years/Weeks: Use chalk to label your kids with their age, and your belly with your baby’s age. (via Rebecca Whitney Photography

483. “What’s better than gold? A new baby to hold.” (Along with last name and due date.)

484. “And then there were four”

485. Pregnancy cravings. This is another creative and clever pregnancy announcement perfect for a virtual setting. While chatting with your family and friends, make it obvious that you’re eating stereotypical pregnancy craving foods—the weirder, the better! Make them stranger with each bite: Smother peanut butter on a pickle and take a crunchy bite; dunk meatballs in a glass of milk and dribble on your face; put hot salsa on a chocolate-chip cookie and lick your fingers. Someone is bound to ask you what you’re doing, which is your cue to announce your pregnancy.

486. The 11+ Cutest, *Buttery-Soft* Bamboo Baby Pajamas I’m Obsessed With

487. Ten little fingers, ten little toes. With love and grace, our family grows. This precious soul, so sweet and new. This little life, a dream come true.

488. “We don’t make mistakes, only happy little accidents.”

489. Captions Click

490. Balloon surprise. You’ll need a bundle of pink and blue balloons filled with helium for this virtual pregnancy announcement idea. Tie a ribbon to each and secure them to the floor so when they float up, they’re right behind you. Before your virtual call, cover them with something heavy, like a blanket. When you’re ready to reveal the surprise, remove the covering and let them float up! If you’re using this opportunity to plan a gender reveal party, you could choose just one color that discloses the gender!

491. Two eggs in a nest. This creative little twin pregnancy announcement is a cute one! If you enjoy art, decorate two eggs to look like birds and place them in a nest. You can find lots of nest-making materials at a crafts store. Take a photo and use it to announce that you’re having twins!

492. Always use protection, unless you want a baby!

493. Worth the Wait: For those who have struggled in conceiving, this rainbow baby pregnancy announcement is perfection in so many ways. (via @telitha20

494. There’s nothing like a brand new pair of genes. That’s right, we are expecting.

495. Pregnancy Announcement Captions for Twins

496. Hi everyone! I’m pregnant.

497. We’ve been busy as a bee, and now there are three.

498. “After every storm, comes a rainbow of hope.”

499. Small Letters: Or grab some more manageable small letters and string them together. (via Southern Mama Guide

500. I can’t seem to find the right words to express how happy I am right now. I returned from the hospital, so it’s official. I’m about to have a baby!

501. And soon the world shall know… (with an ultrasound picture).

502. The pain that you have been feeling can’t compare to the joy that’s coming.

503. teddy bear theme baby shower

504. “No pregnancy is the same. Each is its own special journey.”

505. “There’s nothing like a brand new pair of genes. We are expecting.”


507. Spread the news to everyone you care about by using one of these baby announcement captions to add to your image.

508. If you’ve been on social media recently at all, you’ve probably realized that the pregnancy announcement is kind of a big deal.

509. We are pleased to announce that due to hard work and a good attitude we will be promoting our youngest son to big brother.

510. Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy on Social Media

511. “This Thanksgiving we feel so blessed. Baby (last name) is due (due date).”

512. Baby Sprinkle Ideas That Are Practical, Fun, Simple And Adorable

513. “We’ve been cooking something up.”

514. Bump ahead sign. Find a road sign warning drivers of a “bump ahead.” It’ll be more obvious if you’re already starting to show, but if you have yet to develop a baby bump, it’ll be a tricky riddle to solve! Pose next to the sign and post on your socials.

515. “There’s two to kiss, two to hug, and best of all, there’s two to love!”

516. Taking a fun picture with baby items incorporated in it

517. Big Brother: Grab your big brother or sister to-be and have them be the one to reveal the exciting news. (via @maribel.ruthhh

518. “Our team has already won, we’re expecting a daughter and son.”

519. If I miss any information on this “ Pregnancy Announcement Captions ” article then let me know by leaving a comment right below If you want to publish any information on our site then you can send this to “[email protected]” Email.

520. Eating for Two: Use a dry-erase marker on a bowl, make a huge sundae, and enjoy! (source unknown

521. Grateful for Baby (Insert Last Year) Due This Thanksgiving

522. Pregnancy Announcement Sayings

523. But competition to announce your pregnancy better than all of your friends aside, this is one of the biggest announcements you’re ever going to make!

524. I’m giving up things like lunch meat, caffeine, sushi and alcohol for 9 months.

525. Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Captions

526. Pink or blue? We simply can’t say. We’re so excited for our delivery day.

527. Can’t wait to meet our Sweet Baby.

528. “Adding a little more love to our family.” (Along with the due date and ultrasound picture or baby shoes.)

529. “Big sister/brother – they say it’s a promotion but all I see is no pay rise and more responsibility!”

530. Sweater weather and baby kicks – Coming soon

531. “Look what we found at the end of the rainbow.” (Along with baby items and an ultrasound picture.)

532. “It’s when a rainbow smiles that sadness is banished from the land – Anthony T. Hincks”

533. “Mummy to be.”

534. You can have a lot of fun with your pregnancy announcement if you find out near a holiday!


536. Epic location: Take them to an epic location for an over-the-top reveal. And you got to love that “OMG” balloon at the end! (via @chnael_

537. Baby Announcement Captions for Instagram


539. Pregnancy Announcement Captions to Go Along with Your Hobbies

540. Instagram Pregnancy Announcement Captions For Easter

541. I can’t keep calm , my baby is loading

542. Writing in the sand: Heading to the beach? Write your message in the sand like @ktoro26 and @gemazarina.

543. Santa I.O.U (source unknown

544. Hip Hip Hooray! Another babe is on its way!

545. Kissing: A kiss, belly hold and ultrasound pic makes for a romantic, classy announcement. (via @naommybalcan

546. “First came love, then came you.”

547. Baby jumpsuit clothesline. Gather a few baby jumpsuits and hang them on a clothesline. Snap a photo and share it on your socials! You could also add other baby items, such as socks, booties, or plush toys.

548. “I grow humans. What’s your superpower?”

549. You can stop asking when we’re going to have a baby now.

550. If you're looking for a creative and cute pregnancy announcement, these ideas definitely have the “Aww” factor! Use them to craft an adorable social media post or send an announcement off by mail.

551. “Miracle come in pairs.”

552. “One of us is eating for two, while the other is drinking for two.”

553. Over belly (via @cassidycophotography

554. “There will be no more silent nights.”

555. She has brought so much happiness into your hearts, the happiness we never knew existed. It’s a baby girl.

556. Photo booth surprise. Surprise your partner with the news in a photo booth while the camera snaps multiple pictures. You’ll treasure the strip of images forever, and your little one will also love seeing it in a few years. This is also a fun way to announce your pregnancy to your kids.

557. “Without the rain, there would be no rainbow.” – Gilbert K. Chesterton

558. Twins for dummies. Create two faux book covers mimicking the “for dummies” series with the title “Twins for Dummies.” Take a photo of you and your partner reading the books with confused facial expressions!

559. Weird Early Pregnancy Symptoms

560. “Behold, children are a gift of the Lord.” – Psalm 127:3

561. I am always feeling tired and hungry, #pregnancyannouncement.

562. Retro: or go for a retro themed shoot like these shots from Brooke Kelly Photography.

563. Pose with a high chair. Put a high chair next to you or between you and your partner and strike a pose. Make it more creative by holding a sign announcing your pregnancy! You’ll need a baby high chair eventually, so plan ahead and get one before your little one’s arrival or borrow one from a friend for this unique pregnancy announcement idea.

564. What could be better than a pot of gold? A new baby to have and hold!

565. Instagram Pregnancy Announcement Captions For Christmas

566. Expected to Pop: If you’re looking for a funny baby announcement, we love this “bubble gum” message! Either place the text on the photo using an easy design program like Canva, or use a Sharpie and write the message on a small balloon before shooting! (via @happylensphotography

567. Onesie on Clothing Line: Alternatively, hang the onesie on a make-shift clothing line! (via @jessaseewald


569. “Our family is growing by four feet and two hearts.”

570. Oops, we did it again: Channel your inner Britney Spears with this funny pregnancy announcement message – perfect for growing families. (via The Garcia Diaries

571. The MSPI Baby: A Beginner's Guide to Surviving It

572. Now you can’t ask me for a child because now I am pregnant.

573. Hashtag: Super simple and perfect for social media announcements. Just hashtag the year your baby will be born! (via @marianne_dp

574. “Having a kid was so much fun, we decided to try another one!”

575. I can’t find the right words to express how I feel, the joy inside me. It’s now official I am expecting a baby.

576. The battle for mommy’s attention begins (birth month and year). (Perfect for a big siblings photo!)

577. Once you discover you are pregnant, you want to announce your pregnancy. The first person you want to know is your husband, then your family members and friends who are close to you.

578. “Hold on to your stockings! Baby (last name) is on the way.”

579. Baby Shoes: A teeny tiny pair of baby shoes can say so much. Incorporate them into your reveal in these special ways:

580. Mama/Dada Sweaters: These precious vintage-vibe sweaters are perfect for any pregnancy announcement photo shoot. (via Threads and Needles CHI