• Jonno White

Give the five dysfunctions a go!

Updated: Nov 17

If you're keen to build your team, give it a go! Here's a very brief five dysfunctions of a team summary to help you on your way.

Vulnerability - teams that can't trust one another enough to be vulnerable won't become healthy and achieve excellent results.

Conflict - in a five dysfunctions of a team summary, this is the easiest to misunderstand. Healthy conflict is necessary for teams to become healthy because unless we get our opinions out there as team members, it's nigh impossible to commit and then hold one another accountable.

Commitment - healthy teams are full of team members who may disagree but have talked it out and committed 100% to the decisions and direction of the team.

Accountability - once all team members have committed, only then is it possible - and necessary - to hold one another accountable. Unhealthy teams don't do this and it results in low standards.

Results - healthy teams end up with collective goals that everyone is on board with. But, more importantly, they hit those goals together.

There you go, a brief five dysfunctions of a team summary to help you start your journey towards a healthy team and organisation.

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