• Jonno White

Are you leading a TEAM... or a group?

I love Patrick Lencioni (not a new fact!). One of the things he talks about is the difference between a working group and a team.

So, ask yourself, "Am I leading a team or a working group?"

What's the difference?

A working group works together but doesn't have a collective score. Lencioni describes it like four golfers doing a course together. Yes, they're together but they're keeping their own score rather than a team score.

Leading a team looks a lot more like basketball. In basketball there is ONE goal for the whole team. If your teammate has a bad day - if you have a bad day - then the whole team suffers. If you do something great then the whole team wins.

So... is your team more like a bunch of golfers keeping their own scores as they play a round together? Or are you leading a team with a collective score that's running offense, defence and everything in between together?

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